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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. rwpritchett

    It's the stock PS: Juyn 24V 1.5A switching

    But like I said, it does this even if it's not plugged into the power supply.
  2. Didhefocus
    As for the recommended 13.5v, I use that as a starting point but all my tubes were different as to which voltage sounded best. Left and Right were never the same either.
  3. Kaies
    I have a Bravo V3 and it's stopped working. I was wondering if you fine folks could help me out a little.
    Firstly it started to turn off and on really quickly, the tube was flashing, I thought maybe the power plug was loose, yet it was not.
    I re-seated the the tube a few times and then it was working for a bit, the tube was light up for half and hour but I didn't test any audio output.
    It started to flash a little more so I re-seated the tube once more, but then it wouldn't light up. I tested the V3 without the tube and the LED were
    still lighting up. But eventually after more testing the LED don't light up any more.
    I've ordered a replacement tube, but I have a feeling something on the board has gone faulty instead.
    Any one have any ideas?
  4. UmustBKidn
    #1: Yes. I have two V2's and both do this. It's perfectly normal.
    #2: Only one model of the Bravo amps has any shielding at all, and the V1 definitely has none. So it is a magnet for RFI. You probably have a transformer or other electronic device too close to the amp. Move things around while listening to the amp and you'll find a spot where it goes away. If that doesn't work, then you most likely have a bad cable somewhere.
  5. amigomatt
    Hi everyone,
    I'm using a Bravo Audio Ocean but I seem to be getting clipping/distortion when the volume reaches about 11 o'clock with any pop/rock material, especially in the bass.  I've have tried tube rolling (the stock tube and I also have a old Mullard and Telefunken), but the problem persists.  With my easier to drive cans, that volume position is more than enough, but it isn't quite enough for my harder to drive cans, such as HE400, K240 DF and K702s to listen to music at a loudish volume without clipping.  This is quite annoying and I was sondering if anyone else has this issue or can suggest a remedy?  Is it down to the tube or will this happen whatever tube is in the amp?  If I can't sort it out, I think I'll be upgrading to something with more undistorted power.
    Thanks for any advice in advance..
  6. Didhefocus

    The tube won't affect the output power much since it isn't in the output stage. Adjusting the bias voltage on the tube may help but I don't know if the Ocean is adjustable. You may have just reached the amp's normal limit with the cans you mentioned. 
  7. interface95
    I just found this thread while looking for an afordable amp for my old akgs.
    I alread read the first 7 pages, but instead of reading the other 160 pages it would be verynic to write i little sum up..
    Not only for me - also for all the other new reader of this thread.
    Right now now, I'm shure if I should go for the v2 or the ocean one.
    Could you help me a little bit out?
    Also about costs after buying, better tube, lifetime.
    I would appreciate somethig like that.
  8. Cirric
    To Noxlord. The Bravo V3 has rubber feet, They are not sticky enough IMHO. I am going to replace with larger, stickier feet. Will also improve the ventilation. 
  9. money4me247 Contributor
    stickier feet also make the amp sound more liquid... like honey! :wink:
  10. Cirric
    To Money4ME247. That's an idea! Use honey to stick the V3 in place!!
  11. Cirric
    Has anyone else had a problem with the right and left channels being reversed? I noticed this while watching videos where the problem was obvious. BravoV3.jpg
  12. money4me247 Contributor

    it was like tat on my model too. not rly a problem since u just swap the cables :)
  13. Cirric
    Right now I am using 1/8" cable. I can get a 18" to red/white RCA and then use the RCA inputs. Thanks for steering me!
  14. Didhefocus
    The RCA jacks are reversed the mini plug is correct. I removed and put them back in correctly.
  15. altrocksnp
    Just got my Bravo Ocean!!
    Sound is pretty fantastic, and it's my first tube amp. I have noticed that you get a lot of popping/static if you put your phone near it! Completely goes away when I move my phone away :). Some headphones have more obvious interference than others too.
    One question, when I first turned it on, I had my Soundmagic hp-200's plugged in and there was a pop. My headphones seem fine to me, but I'm guessing that I should turn it on without anything plugged in?
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