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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. ostewart
    It probably could drive them out of the RCA on the back. If they are small low powered desktop speakers.
  2. DefQon
  3. stupidmop
    Dude, love your style :wink: Please do share the 12bh7 data. I love em in my sunrise.
  4. ostewart
    just got the new Solid State Bravo amp in the post, small with clear acrylic casing like their tube amps, Op-amp rollable, will post pics and impressions soon (busy man atm, with DDS DAC-01 and HA-01, also T-Peos H-300)
  5. hugoboss
    i just bought the bravo ocean and want to hear some of your guys opinion about rolling tube
    1.will bravo ocean work good with electro harmonix tube 12au7 gold pin? (price $20)
    how will it sound? more warm or less warm compare to shuguang, more detail?
    2. Northern Electric 12AU7 is this better than the electro harmonix tube 12au7 gold pin? (price$40)
  6. UmustBKidn
    Please read back a few pages and read my impressions on tubes. Basically, I think the stuff being made now is junk. But that's just my opinion.
  7. hugoboss
    I buy the Northern Electric 12AU7 today. after listening several songs
    iam sure i will not regret this tube. it's sound so better than the shuguang.
    more detail, cleaner, wider.
  8. Dinnr
    Just received one of these in the mail, I was wondering what in your opinion would be the best tube to roll for listening to rock (eg. Led Zep)?
    Would upgrading the input jacks make any difference to quality also?
  9. Didhefocus
    Which version did you get?
  10. Dinnr
    It was the audio v2 with the chinese 12au7 tubes (i think that is what they are called).
  11. Didhefocus
    To me, those Chinese tubes sound just OK but have terrible microphonics. Tap the tube lightly with a pencil without any signal and hear the ringing. 
    I have the V3 which takes a 6922 and came with a decent Russian Electro-Harmonix but my Little Bear P-1 probably came with the same tube as your V2. I got some 50's and 60's vintage 12AU7s from this guy on ebay  http://www.ebay.com/usr/spin4cards . He only lists matched pairs but he sold me mixed singles for only $4.95 each shipped! I was very satisfied with his choices, all US made. My favorite is a Raytheon with long black plates. Led Zeppelin sounds great with it! Just send him a message and tell him what you're looking for.
    Replacing the connectors won't affect the sound but gold plating may give you better protection from corrosion in the long run.
  12. Didhefocus
    In my opinion, the single most effective mod you can do on these amps is to replace the IRF630 MOSFETs with IRL510. Crosstalk distortion (this amp's worst flaw) is all but eliminated and the high end is extended beyond 30khz.
  13. mcandmar
    I agree, 2nd worthwhile mod is to replace the two DC blocking caps with something decent like Elna Silmic II.
  14. Dinnr
    Alright, I live in the UK so I guess I shall have to search around for some tubes, it looks like I shall be replacing the mofsets and caps mentioned above.

  15. amigomatt
    Get an old Mullard valve from eBay. I picked one up for less than £20 and it transformed the sound.
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