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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. razor5cl
    Try changing the tube and checking your cables etc.
  2. sixly
  3. money4me247 Contributor
    is it when your smartphone is nearby? i dont think the bravo amps are well-shielded.
  4. ostewart
    Tried moving my mobile away from the amp, no difference. It came out of nowhere the other day. Thinking it may be the tube, as the filaments take a while to start glowing, before they would come on pretty much instantly. And the crackling has got worse.
  5. sixly
    My bravo gets a buzz whenever I get an incoming txt even if the phone is some distance away.  It actually starts maybe 1.5 seconds before the phone actually alerts me of the new message so who knows.  Also is it possible it could be your headphones?  Maybe try plugging them directly into the source?
  6. ostewart
    It is the amp, as it was working fine before. Tried different pairs, even with my mobile far away, volume turned right down.

    So I have a feeling its the tube, I don't have a spare on hand unfortunately, will get one soon.

    Henry from Bravo thinks it may be the tube, or the power supply.
  7. UmustBKidn
    There are some general impressions of different tubes with the Bravo V2 in this thread.
    I personally avoid using all new manufacture tubes. They sound crappy compared to any vintage tube. You can quote me on that [​IMG] I honestly didn't know any better until I tried some vintage tubes. Then I realized just how tinny and thin sounding the stock tube sounds.
    You can get inexpensive vintage American made tubes from eBay for just about the same price as the newly made stuff, but the vintage tubes (of ANY kind) sound better. The older, the better (of course, you'll pay much more for really old tubes).
    There is of course the law of diminishing returns, especially with an inexpensive hybrid like the Bravo. Spending a pile of money on tubes for an amp that itself only costs you around $70 bucks does seem kind of silly. But considering that you'll pay $10-$15 bucks for a brand new Chinese or Russian tube, spending $10-$15 bucks for an old vintage RCA, Sylvania, etc. is perfectly reasonable. Yes, eBay is a bit riskier than Amazon.com. But it's improved a lot since I first started using it (a long long time ago).
    So. Yeah. Read the thread above, then go shopping on eBay for a couple old vintage American tubes. I suggest trying a couple, they are usually quite reasonable. You will find that each tube changes the character of sound in its own unique way.
  8. sixly
    Thanks man, will do.
  9. UmustBKidn
    As long as we're at it, I should mention that the 12AU7 has quite a few plug-in substitutes, that do not require any rewiring. Brent Jesse's website has a nice list of the common 12AU7 plug-in substitutes. I have personally tried the 5963's, the 5814's, the ECC82's, and I think I have one 6189.
    I ran into a guy on eBay selling 5963 tubes for $2.50 each last summer. I bought a half dozen, cost me less than $20 including shipping. Amazing deal.
    Of the American tubes, the Tung-Sol's and the long black plate RCA or Raytheon tubes are all very nice sounding tubes (by long, I mean 17mm plates - the 14mm are considered "short" plates). If you find any of those, they are all worth the price. I picked up a long black plate Raytheon tube, 50's vintage, for $8 bucks. You just can't beat a deal like that. It's definitely worth shopping around on ebay.
  10. chinti
    hey guys, i just receive my mullard tube n try it but somehow the sound quality is worse than the stock tube tht came wit the bravo v2...i dn feel any power or anything at all, its lik there isnt any amp connected to the headphone...
  11. razor5cl
    Did you wait for it to warm up and burn it in before you tried it?
  12. arcorob

    Was this a new old stock tube ? 2 things come to mind
    1) Check that it does say 12AU7
    2) It might be a bad tube (spent)
    Depending on the Mullard (especially Blackburn plant) it should sound amazing
  13. chinti
    i waited for 30min, i got two, one is label 77/79 and one is label 79/79, the 79/79 one is worse than the stock tube while the 77/79 is almost the same as the stock tube
  14. chinti
    it is 12AU7, how do i check whether is a bad tube or not?
    i got it here
  15. ostewart
    I bought this one, should arrive tomorrow or Monday.

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