1. goldtuba
    Hoping to get a new thread going for all of the brass players on Head-Fi. I want to discuss everything brass. Please talk about your instrument (brand, mods, etc.), recordings you like, gear you like to use while listening to your favorite brass ensembles.

    I'll start it off. Obviously I play the tuba. My baby is a Conn 56J with silver plating. My preference has always been for piston valves after starting off on an older King 2341. My junior high had some Yamaha YBB-641, which I hated, and my high school had the standard Miraphone 186. I never liked the rotary valves on either of these horns.

    The recordings of Sam Pilafian, Arnold Jacobs, John Fletcher and Chuck Daellenbach were the main reasons that decided to go into music. After spotting the Canadian Brass's "Greatest Hits" at a second-hand CD store, I was hooked on the sound of brass music. I soon discovered the Empire Brass. Their recordings did not contain the same fun arrangements as the Canadian Brass, but the performances were so crystal clear with that special sparkle that you only get from the late 80's and early 90's Empire Brass. Luckily, the assistant band director at my high school quickly discovered my passion for quality brass playing recordings, and I couldn't have found a better person to nurture my curiosities. He was a trumpet player that studied in the Chicago area, and he soon introduced me to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It was also the first introduction into the teachings of Arnold Jacobs. I soon owned Mr. Jacob's book and a large portion of his recordings.

    Like I stated above, this thread is for anything brass. Post anything brass related. I want to see pictures of everybody's instrument as well. I'll post one of my mine as soon as it has been polished.
  2. goldtuba

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