Brand New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 v2 Warranty Replacement - $125
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Apr 7, 2005
These are a brand new replacement pair of Super.Fi 5 v2 (not Pro) that I received from Ultimate Ears. They do not come in the original package, just in the original replacement package sent to me by UE. They come with the earphones, 4 pairs of the silicon earpieces, and the UE soft leather (or maybe pleather....not sure) case.

It is the Liquid Silver color and it does look gorgeous. I liked it more than my Pros but ultimately I decided to sell it to finance another portable amp as my trusty PINT is starting to act funny.

My price is $125 + shipping in the CONUS. Sorry, but no trades.

Here is the link to the UE page so that you can see how it looks:

Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Description - Store - Ultimate Ears Earphones Headphones Personal Monitors

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