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Brainwavz Reveals their M4 with some pictures and information!

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  1. keanex Contributor
    Those are indeed the all new Brainwavz M4 in all of their glory! With an open vented housing, S400 tips and all new cable design these are looking very nice. Judging from pictures they look like they're well built, the stress relief looks rather thick for instance. As for what they sound like, here's a quote from an admin on mp4nations forum
    Essentially what we're looking at is a more bass oriented B2! I'm very excited for these. After reviewing the Beta with excellent impressions left on me, these will be top priority for me!
    I received my M4 today and wanted to post some information for those interested:
    Drivers: 10mm Newdymium
    Impedance: 16 ohms
    Frequency Range: 20hz-20k
    Sensitivity: 101 dB at 1mW
    Rated Input Power: 4 mW
    Maximum Input Power: 20 mW
    3 Silicon Tips (S/M/L)
    1 Pair of Comply S series tips
    1 Shirt Clip
    1 Hard carrying case
    Brainwavz also notes that the M4 will benefit from amping and will retail for $70 and for $80 with a microphone. 
    I am in the process of burning them in now and will be working on a review soon!
  2. NA Blur
    They are going to sound very much like the M2 if they use a dynamic driver.  If they are dual armature they will sound like the B2's.  They need to completely redesign the M2 to get more sparkle in the treble.
    By the looks of them they look like dynamic drivers so there is no doubt they will have the M2 bass signature.  Send them to Tyll for analysis along with a pair of B2's and M2's if you have them both.  This way we can at least see if there are any differences.
    I think I have my M2's somewhere that I can lend Tyll for testing.
    Anyone have some B2's that they could do the same with?
  3. keanex Contributor
    I don't have either, the comments on sound are based on information from Mp4nation themselves though. I have no doubts that if Mp4Nation says their IEMs sound like a more bass oriented B2 then they will! Driver type is only one aspect that effects the sound, if all dynamic drivers sounded the same there would be no need for as many options as there are now!
  4. Inks
    These are dynamic in-ears and from what I've read, it will be nothing like the M2. It seems to aim for a more balanced and detailed sound ala RE-Zero/Xcape v1. These actually look a lot like the RE-Zeros......
  5. Leba
    Yes, Raz even revealed in the MP4 Nation thread that the housings would be metal just like the RE-Zero.
  6. keanex Contributor
    Yeah I'm getting a Sunrise Xcape vibe from these in the best way possible. Remember though the housing will be vented which should mean better controlled/quality bass.
  7. Inks
    Well the RE-Zero/Xcapes are vented as well and done pretty well in size. Hope the vent isn't too big as bigger ventilation means bigger bass. 
  8. Majin
    lets hope for a cheap sunrise xcape v1 with a good quality cable
  9. kanuka
    and a RE0 rival for under $100 would be great!
  10. keanex Contributor
    I should be receiving a pair of M4 to compare!
  11. razzer001 Contributor
    Don't want to burst the bubble but these don't sound anything like the RE0 and, i assume, like the Sunrise models mentioned (never listened to any sunrise products), however, they are good :wink:
  12. kanuka

    good and bad news! still intereseted on them. at least i hope they dont have the build quality of the Sunrise, and even a bit better of the hifiman
  13. Inks
    More or less bass than the RE0? I hope it's only a little bassier. Wonder what type of diaphragm is being used on the custom driver.
  14. keanex Contributor
    Updated the OP with information!
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    Just received my M4 sample this afternoon and haven't quite had the time to burn it in yet, but the initial listening is very positive. Like Raz has said, it doesn't have the same sound as RE0. To me, it is very mildly U-shaped with very good bass impact - imagine M1 with much bigger and faster bass and slightly brighter, and better soundstage. M4 is probably the most natural sounding of all the M series so far with the least coloration. Still hard to say how good it is with so little listening time on it and almost no burn-in, but I can certain that I do prefer M4 to other M series so far.
    The only downside I can say so far is a very minor driver flex when inserting the IEM, usually just a very light cracking sound.
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