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Brainwavz' new portable headphone amplifier: AP001

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by thatbeatsguy, Sep 24, 2014.
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  1. thatBeatsguy
    As the title says:
    Apparently Brainwavz is going to be releasing their very first portable amp. No word on specs or pricing, but it's definitely something I'll be looking forward to. With a very good ifrst impression coming from their S5s, I'm going to be more than willing to buy these at launch.
    Oh, and it's got dual outputs -- great for A/B testing. 
  2. Nhubley
    Here is a link to the article. Looks pretty. 
  3. shockdoc
    Very interested. Would love something to replace my old FiiO E6. Anyone have any details on physical size and other info? I heard that a preorder will include a free set of Delta's.
  4. wskl
    Dimensions are 38mm x 38mm x 12.7mm as stated in below photo
  5. Shawn71

    I doubt it can level or replace the legendary E6/06 tho it has dual HP outs and a micro USB (mini USB on E6)....I dont see a vol control in the picture nor a word about it in its features/description?.......:rolleyes:
    I actually backed off finally from ordering (considering overall value) tho its been tagged along with free delta.....
  6. thatBeatsguy
    Apparently, it doesn't have a volume control as far as I can tell. They'll probably just amplify the signal, with volume control directly from the DAP.
    I don't think it'll be able to best the E6, despite my lack of experience with amps. 
  7. shockdoc
    Well that blows. [​IMG]  So wouldn't be able to run from LOD? Really loved the sound and small footprint of the E6 on my gym rig but it was just too fragile and fell apart. Using the E11 now but it's just so big and obtrusive. 
  8. Shawn71

    YES sadly.....
  9. DisCHORDDubstep
    E11? Big? o.o
  10. thatBeatsguy
    LOL. The E11K looks about as big as a liquor flask.
    The E6 is probably slightly smaller than the AP001, which I'm now officially getting. Expect impressions by either this weekend or early next week!
  11. thatBeatsguy
    I think I just found the inspiration for the AP001's unique looks:
  12. DisCHORDDubstep
    the e11 is smaller than the X1... Maybe not as small as the e6, but still small. http://m.imgur.com/8u5NESw
    [​IMG] e11k just a bit bigger... [​IMG]

    But anyways... Off topic. :D

    On topic: I hope its either the reviewers faults for not hearing a volume increase from that Lindy "amp", or that the design is the only similarity...
  13. earfonia
    Just got the AP001 from Brainwavz [​IMG]
    It's very small and light. It is actually more of an active splitter than an amplifier.
    Thanks to @Salsera !!! 
    Salsera likes this.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Get your double amping engines ready!

    I'll have one coming soon, I have an E06 I can test along side it.
  15. thatBeatsguy
    Oh wow, looks like we have a big name coming in to help us get some impressions in.
    Glad to see you on board, @H20Fidelity!
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