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Brainwavz M1 comfort issue

  1. burlak89
    So the story is this - I'm looking for a good pair of at or under $50. I bought the Sennheiser CX300ii, and actually quite liked them. I got used to the J-cable as well, I have absolutely no problems wearing it behind my neck. However, perusing the forums, I've come to notice that Head-Fi really loves the Brainwavz M1. I trust HF as I previously bought the MDR-V6 headphones and absolutely adore them. So I decided to buy the M1s from Amazon, figuring I'd return the Senns to B&H. 
    So I put on the Brainwavz, and right off the bat, I noticed something strange. The buds feel like they don't go fully into my ear. And if I try to wiggle them around to get a good seal, I find I only just hurt my ear. I've tried the different tips, and it hasn't really changed. I noticed that when I put the Senns back on, they fully go into my ear, completely sealed, and very comfortable. They don't press against anything and don't hurt. I've examined the actual driver structure of both, and they look pretty much identical in size and shape. I even put the Senn tips on the M1s, and still the latter are uncomfortable, and don't stay in my ears well. What am I missing here?
    I love the sound the M1s produce - it's noticeably better than the Sennheisers, and want to really like them, but the fit is preventing me from focusing on the music. I keep having to reseat them. It's strange (even though they look identical) and as a result, they isolate less than the senns. 
    Anybody else found this with the Brainwavz? Otherwise they are great.
  2. selferinoz
    did u try changing the tips? i had the same problem as your before(still having theses m1's), and sumhow in the long run, i found out the smallest single flange tip gave me the best isolation+sound.
  3. Rainbow Randy
    There is a correlation between the size of your tip and your beast.
  4. burlak89
    LOL what?? [​IMG]

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