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Brainwavz Dual Balanced Armature Loaner/Audition Program - Reviewers Wanted :)

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  1. razzer001 Contributor
    ****This audition is separate from the one that is being run on MP4 Nation, this one is meant for Head-Fi members, however we may merge the two if there is not enough people interested from both forums****
    We are looking for people who have the time and interested to audition and review our upcoming Brainwavz dual balanced armature earphones, the model does not currently have a name, but will do so soon.

    What is the Audition Program?

    It's a loaner program allowing select individuals to test our new earphones for a period of 1 week, after which the auditioning individual needs to send the earphones to another person who in turn will audition and review the earphones.

    This is meant to be a fun experience, but it is not open to all members of the Head-Fi community, i will be selecting 5 - 10 people based on their location to review our new earphones. Ideally if we get enough interest we will have two sets of earphones going around at the same time.
    Keep in mind the units we will be sending are our prototypes and not the final production model, we expect some cosmetic changes in the final production version, but the sound and fit will be the same.

    We are looking for people from the following countries/regions:

    I may open this up to other regions after sometime.
    There are some terms to the audition:
    1. Be a current active member on Head-fi
    2. Each person that accepts to audition the earphones must be willing to mail the earphones with all its accessories to the next person at their cost, this includes adding signature and tracking confirmation.
    3. Write a short review of how you found the earphones.
    4. We ask that you take care of the earphones  that you get like they were your own.
    5. You have the time and the interest to test and review the earphones, that you will get, please don't apply if you are very busy with work, school etc.
    6. You understand this is a loaner program and you are not to keep the earphones.
    7. Share your experience with others [​IMG]

    Requirements to be eligible:

    1. You have had experience with similar armature based earphones, please post what earphones you use or have used.
    2. What source gear you will use
    3. That you have the time and interest to do this.
    4. Willing to cover shipping to the next person.

    Please don't be upset if we do not choose you.

    As these are in ear monitors we will include additional tips, enough to cover all the auditioners, any used tips are not meant to be forwarded, however it is expect that each auditioners to sanitize the nozzle and remove any ear wax that may be there from their own usage.

    If you are interested please post below, i will start to compile a short list of possible reviewer and then make a final selection.

    Current people on the loaner program and order:


    1. [Joker]  - Done

    2. Rawster - Done

    3. buffalowings - Done

    4. Goodvibes - Done

    5. Ishcabible - Done

    6. Mootookang - Done

    7. shane55 - Done


    8. Anaxilus,


  2. Marcus_C
    I'm interested, i'd love a chance to try them out. I can provide them with some fairly tough competition in the form of Ety er4s, Sleek sa6 and Westone 2. As far as portable sources go I use Sony dap's, i doubt i'd use them with my full size amp but I could. Also I only work 4 days a week at the moment so have loads of time.
    I'm in the UK by the way.
  3. oldschool
    I can also do that, I am in the USA and can test against SM3 and ER4P. I use Clip+ and HiFiMAN 602.
  4. Ishcabible
    Well I don't have a pair of dual armatures, but I have a pair of single armatures and a pair of Coppers and your M3s and M1s. My sources are a Sony A726, Clip, and NaNite N2.
    The other IEMs I have are the MEElectronics CC51, M31, M21, M9, and Phiaton PS20 NC and likely, an upcoming pair of customs
  5. goodvibes
    I'd like a shot if available. Owned Shure se530, UE tf 10, sf 5 pro, sf 3, Xears td100. meelectric m6 and Im590. Currently have Grado GR10s, Brainwavz M1 and Apple dual armatures. There are a pair of shure se530s and e5s available to me at any time and if any other Chicago folks wanted a listen, it could be arranged. I also use my ears for a living. Have access to 1st generation recordings and lots of different sources to listen through. For portable, I have and ipod touch and Sansa Fuze. Home kit is silly good, Naim's top setup. For cans, I have DT-931s and various various Stax from sr5 to lambda nova. USA
  6. DKaz
    I would like to test.  I have the Fischer Audio DBA2, and just sold my UE TF10.  I would be using a Sansa Clip+, Sony A818, and original uDac as sources.
  7. rroseperry
    I'd be interested in being part of the program. I've had ER 4P, presently own Grado GR8, Fischer Silver Bullets, and UE TF10.  For source, I'd use Clip+ (rockboxed), iRiver iH140 (rockboxed), and iAudio 9. If you want an iPod assessment, I've got a 2G Touch and a third generation nano.
    Thanks for considering me
  8. buffalowings
    Hello, I would be interested in a chance to test/audition the dual armature based brainwavz, I will be using them through an 160gb 7th gen Ipod classic, lineout and an Ibasso T3D, I am currently writing a review/auditioning the brainwavz m3's. I have owned at several points, an etymotic er4p/s, westone 3, ultimate ears TF10 and the brainwavz m2/m3 as well. I also have a pair of triple driver based customs coming in soon
    currently own: 
    shure srh840
    akg k518 le (lime green)
    hifiman re2

    grado sr80i 
    sennheiser CX300II (deceased)
    grado sr80i (deceased)
    monster miles davis tributes (returned)

    grado sr325is chromies #6060 (sold)
    tf10 (sold)
    sennheiser HD25-1 II (sold)
    miles davis tributes (sold)
    akg k430 (sold
    brainwavz m2 (sold)
    sennheiser PX100 (sold)
    grado 225i w/ cocobolo woodie earcups (traded)

    headphones I have auditoned:
    sennheiser HD800
    AKG k701/2
    grado sr60i, 125i, stock 225i, rs1ithanks for the oppurtunity
  9. rawrster
    When will this loaner program start?
    I'd like to give it a go. I currently have a Brainwavz M2, MEElectronics A151 and LiveWire Trips customs. I have an Audio Technica CK10 (dual BA) and a triple BA custom coming in the mail this week. I would use them with a Cowon J3 or an Audinst HUD-MX1 (dac/amp). I am located in USA East Coast.
    I have tried many various universal earphones from budget to top of the line. A few of them would be Westone 2, Fischer Audio DBA-02, UE TF10, Ortofon e-Q7, etc. My reviews are in my signature and past gear in my profile.
  10. mootookang
    I'm interested.

    Location: USA west (Southern California)

    IEM experience:

    Brainwavz M2
    Head-Direct RE0
    Head-Direct RE-ZERO
    Hippo 10EB
    Hippo Pearl
    Meelec M6
    UE SF5pro (Dual BA)
    UE TF10 (Triple BA)

    Source : Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed), 5th gen ipod > SPC LOD > JDS Cmoybb v2.02, Asus laptop > Nuforce icon uDAC.

    Shipping: I can cover the shipping cost via CONUS, but prefer closer regions.
  11. debitsohn
    im interested.
    US West (CA)
    itouch 4th gen
    jh16, sm3, tf10, mtpc, mtpg, brainwavz m3, ie8, and more... its in my profile if you really want to see.
  12. shane55
    Interested also.
    Have owned and tested many IEM's... Ety's, Shures, Westones, UE's, Fischer DBA-02, SM3.
    I would have the time to test them through my iPods and various DAC/ Amps (Xonar STX, Benchmark DAC1-Pre, Outlaw RR2150) as well as straight out of Laptop (Dell XPS).
    Thank you for the consideration.
  13. mark2410 Contributor
    id love to review one for you, ive reviewed stuff for you before and my present list of stuff is as follows:
    Sennheiser CX 300
    Creative EP-630
    Shure SE210
    Shure SE530
    Shure E3
    Shure SE110
    Denon C751
    Klipsch Custom 1
    Klipsch Custom 2
    Sony MDR-EX500LP
    Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro
    Sennheiser IE7
    Klipsch Custom 3
    Etymotic ER-4P
    Sennheiser IE8
    Radiopaq Pop
    Philips SHE9850
    Westone UM3X
    Soundmagic PL-50
    Radiopaq Jazz
    Head Direct RE-0
    iMetal iM-590
    Denon C710
    Head Direct RE-252
    Sennheiser MX760 - Given away
    MEElectronics M2
    MEElectronics M6
    MEElectronics M9
    MEElectronics M11
    MEElectronics R1
    Westone UM2
    Grado 325is
    Radiopaq Classical
    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 3
    JVC FX500
    JVC FX300
    Panasonic HJE900
    Audio Technica CK10
    Vsang R03
    Sennheiser HD600
    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 4
    Phiaton PS320
    Brainwavz M1
    MeElectronics M11P+
    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi
    Ultimate Ears Loud Enough
    Ultimate Ears UE700
    Jays Q-Jays
    Sennheiser CX380
    Shure SRH840
    Sennheiser RS110 - Given Away
    Sennheiser HD515
    Sennheiser RS180
    Thinksound Rain
    Etymotic MC3
    Etymotic HF3
    HiFiMAN RE-262
    Braimwavz M3
    Fischer Audio Enigma Revision 2
    Fischer Audio DBA-02
    id be very interested to see how they compare to the DBA-02.  oh and im in the UK
  14. razzer001 Contributor
    Its already started, one person on Head-fi is going to get a pair to kick of the Head-fi loaner and one person on our MP4 Nation forum is getting them too. People can keep applying, i will construct the list of reviewers as the loaner units keep being forwarded.

  15. Shadowghost6
    I'm interested too. I'm located in USA East coast. 
    IEM Experience:
    Westone UM2
    Westone 1 (currently own)
    Shure Se530
    Shure SCL4 / E4C (currently own)
    Shure E2C
    Apple Dual Driver IEMs (currently own)
    Etymotic ER6
    Altec Lansing im716
    Sound Magic PL30
    Jbuds J2
    my computer, amped through my M-Audio speakers
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