Brainwavz Delta Earphones are Breaking
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May 25, 2015
Hey Head-Fi, A few months ago, I bought a set of Brainwavz Delta in ear headphones, because they were on sale for just $12 and had pretty good reviews saying that they gave the performance of much better headphones. Over time, though, they have kind of been breaking in that I would plug my headphones in and get a kind of muddled half-sound from my music that was just unbearable. It seemed as if a few parts of the music were being played, while others were completely not there; most often, when this problem occurs, I lose the bass, percussion, and high treble.
I have tried the headphones in my computer and iPod, but the problem persists, so I know that it is a problem with the headphones. Usually when I get this horrible audio quality, turning the headphone connector until I find a "sweet spot" has actually made the problem go away, though lately, I find that "sweet spot" harder and harder to get to, sometimes where I just give up in frustration and don't listen to music.
When I first got the headphones, I would walk around listening to music on them with my phone in my pocket, but that caused a popping sound to come from them in just my left ear, so I stopped. They have also been through the washing machine once accidentally, though they worked just fine after.
I don't know if either of these incidents could have caused this audio problem, nor do I know when specifically the problem started; it just kind of got worse. If you guys know anything about any problems like this or how one could resolve it, it would be extremely appreciated.
Thanks for your time!

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