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Brainwavz B400 Quad Driver Demo Tour - Reviewers Wanted

  1. razzer001 Contributor
    Hello Head-Fi'ers, Brainwavz is getting ready to soon launch our latest and most premium model to date, the B400, some of you may have had a chance to test them out at Canjam SoCal 2017 and now again we want to send out our B400 for head-fi'ers to try them our and review.

    Those that want to find our more about our B400 we have this on going thread that has information and also early impressions from SoCal 2017.

    We are looking to run 3 tours in different regions, North America, Europe and Asia, depending on how many people that apply we may make sub tours within each region.

    To apply for the tour please post the following details:

    Head-Fi username
    Location (City & Country)
    Source gear
    Link to any reviews recently done
    Any Brainwavz products reviewed or owned

    We will close the review tour application process on September 18th and pick the tour members the day after.

    Those who apply accept the following terms

    - Tour members should post any impressions/review on the on this on going B400 Head-Fi thread
    - Tour members must cover the cost of shipping to next member
    - Shipments between members must have tracking
    - Tour members will need to furnish their full name, address and phone number for purposes of the tour
    - Tour members are allowed to hold on to the tour unit for up to 7 days after which they need to forward them on to the next member on the tour.
    - Tour members will take good care of the earphones, accessories and packaging
    - Tour members need to post in this thread when the earphones are received and sent on.
    - There is no requirement to post any positive review, only honest feedback, any reviews should note the unit was received for free and part of a review tour.


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