Brainwavz B2 vs. TDK BA200
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Dec 18, 2010
Wondering if anyone has tried both of these out and can offer some input on the differences between the two.
The B2's are on for $100 on Amazon right now!
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They often go at around $100 - so don't be too disappointed if you miss them once.
Personally, I find the BA200s to be markedly smoother, and retains crispness without being strident. The B2 walks a fine line in that respect. The TDKs have more body, the mids remain just as clear, and the width is more impressive but the presentation as a whole has more focus (i.e. instruments are more closely defined). The form factor fits a lot better to my ears, and the flat cable, while not conventional, feels a lot better made. 
But then again, if one prefers the crisp, trebly presentation, go with your guts, because the B2s take precedent in that regard.

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