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Brainwavz B2 pictures - Delicious in red :)

  1. razzer001 Contributor
    Brainwavz B2 pictures - Delicious in red :)
    Just got the hand samples in, enjoy the two pictures, will upload two more at different angles tomorrow.
    The above are how the final mass production units will look like. I hope you like :)
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  2. ClieOS Contributor
    The color combo does look really great. I like it.
  3. goodvibes
  4. sari0n
    Wow cool, do these come with red foam tips too?  I've never seen those before.  Hopefully we'll get our preorders sometime soon ^^
  5. shane55
    Can't wait for mine!!
  6. lusoWOLF
    Really nice looking, one question, after the stock foam gets old, will comply sell a special red replacement unit?
  7. dbdynsty25
    Does the cable have a chin slider on it?  I refuse to buy earphones without a chin slider now since my primary use is during activities.  The M3s don't and it pisses me off, even though I love the sound.  Those B2s sure do look sweet.
  8. razzer001 Contributor


    Yes it will.
    Thanks for the feedback, i really was impressed when we got the final sample the other day, it just looks soo nice. I soooo wish i could get these all in now so those who ordered them can get them to just see in their own hands what i am seeing.
  9. Kartellen
    What's up with the logo on them? It sort of reminds me of Engadget.
  10. AlvinDj
    They look really sexy and for it's pre-order price, I am seriously tempted..
  11. vrln
    Looking awesome! I took the leap of faith and placed a preorder. So far I´ve gone through IE8 (a mixed bag, but eventually I forgot it in the washing machine) and Shure530 (couldn´t stand the deep insertion). This will be my first MP4Nation product. I might be able to post a small review too :)
  12. leonsphinx
    They surely look like the DBA-02's with a different color
  13. sari0n
    Have these started shipping yet? I can't remember my mp4nation password and I don't want to make a new account right now...
    Leaving for a trip on Monday for a month, I was hoping to get these before then but it doesn't seem too hopeful unless they've been sent out already.  I haven't received any notification or emails though.
  14. n13l5
    Its a nice design, the red is great, and they deserve to wear it, well equipped as they are  :)
    I like the way you did the cable too, but would have preferred a longer strain relief, or better yet, plugs
    And a mic+control version of the cable that works with iPhones/Androids...

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