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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. phthora
    Yeah! Love them! I think I'll dig mine out and so the same. From what I remember, the B400 has better imaging and resolution and a more coherent sound, while the GT600s has a more v-shape to it. Now to see if I am remembering correctly...
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  2. todonegro

    I write this post to share my experience with the B400 and maybe also to get some help.

    I have always liked Brainwavz, the products are good and fairly priced and the M1s are one of my favorites earphones ever.
    So, after following this thread for some time, I decided to buy the B400 in August. And gosh I was happy!!
    The sound, detailed and warm is exactly what I like. They are small and comfortable to my ears, and that cosmic black looks super cool!!

    All good until last week, when I was sitting in my office, put them on and start noticing that the volume on the right side is very low.
    I try to adjust them, nothing. Take them out to check the cable connection and then I see that there is crack all through the shell.
    Here are some pictures:

    20181213_141707.jpg 20181213_141633.jpg 20181213_141656.jpg

    That was bad. But the answer from Brainwavz was even worse:

    If it is not a defect in workmanship, I dont know what can make a new pair of earphones fall apart after 4 months of use.
    Of course I cannot prove that I didnt hit them with a hammer. But I did not.
    I was just using them to listen to music, happily.
    And now I cannot use them any longer.

    Just 4 months after the purchase. A product that cost 200$.

    I am honestly beyond disappointed with Brainwavz.

    I am still trying to reason with them, does someone has some advice?
    I think there was some Brainwavz employee following this thread, maybe he or she can help me?
  3. CactusPete23

    Sorry to see the damage; and the response...

    To me I do see one crack where the two halves have been joined and that could have been a mfg problem? But the other crack does not look like the kind of problem from 3D printing or normal handling. Looks like it was done by some external force being applied. (probably 100 ways force could be applied by accident... during mfg, or in use...)

    However, If the "Paint"/Coating, was done over the 3D printed earphone, that already had a hairline cracks from the factory, the user would never see it.. Until some time later... Like now...

    Anyway, Probably difficult to "prove" exactly what happened. It would certainly be nice if Brainwavz would be willing to replace that single earphone; and ask for the damaged one be returned so that thay can inspect, and possibly determine reason for the crack, so that they can prevent this from happening on future earphones....

    FYI: I have 2 pair of early B400's. Neither pair has any visible cracks; (my good luck). The Black pair has a bad coating; incomplete and can see into the clear case in several spots. Also the black coating is a bit soft/sticky and will need to be removed/replaced in time. The Un-Coated "frosty" pair looks like new. Both pair still sound good.
  4. beta247
    Wow, that’s alot of crack! I had one side that was cracked not that much, but cracked also from the small port to the tube and back. Mine were clear so you could see what was going on inside and why it cracked. After 3D printing they still fine tune the inside clearances of the shell for the BA’s. My left one looked fine, my right one slightly different. A little thicker where the driver’s edge touched the shell. The pressure of when it was put together probably cracked mine. They asked me to send pics, then asked to send the pair to them. I sent them in, they checked them and they replaced them right away. It wasn’t cracked all the way through, but you could definitely see it and move it a bit. My new pair are flawless and sound great.
  5. fjf
    I would try some epoxy. And yes, Bwvz is not making friends here.
  6. dbaker1981
    Anyone know if any size spin fits work with the B400’s?
  7. Wiljen
    CP100 should fit but double check me. I believe those are there version of the T-100 sized tips.
  8. beedee
    I purchased the black b400 during the Black Friday sale. Took a a while to get to me, but not a big deal. They fit my ears really well with the smallest tips. I did switch out the cable because the stock cable automatically tangles itself. They sound as advertised by several reviews I’ve read, so no surprises. What concerns me is the the paint job and housing. The color is more dark charcoal gray than black. It appears to be painted over other layers that previously peeeled or may be peeling? The finish is a little tacky feeling. Lastly, the seams are quite visible and not consistent in width/size. Anyone else have similar experiences? Sorry, I didn’t read this entire thread. Disappointed because the sound is satisfactory, but this housing is subpar.
  9. Usuarionow
    [QUOTE = "Moses Kwon, post: 14431328, miembro: 497102"] Estaba satisfecho con el sonido B400. Fue tan entretenido. Sin embargo, LZa4 y flc8s me llamaron la atención. Después de una extensa investigación y revisión, decidí pedir flc8s. Cuesta $ 100 más que B400. Estaba listo para devolver B400, pero algo inesperado ha sucedido.
    Flc8s no sonaba mejor. Probé todas las diferentes combinaciones de filtros y diferentes géneros día y noche. Los filtros eran muy pequeños y molestos, pero realmente deseaba encontrar la combinación correcta hasta que suene mejor que la B400. Sin embargo, cuanto más busqué, más reconocí la buena calidad de sonido de b400. Solo quería mejorar la calidad del sonido. Además, los flc8s eran mucho más cómodos de usar. En este punto, solo tengo una cosa más que probar. Pedí Comply tip 400 para flc8s. Con suerte, funciona, así que puedo devolver b400. O con gusto mantendré b400 y devolveré flc8s. Lo que encontré a continuación es lo que encontré sobre el sonido de b400 en comparación con flc8s;

    1. B400 tiene más potencia. No solo estoy hablando del volumen, sino también de la música. Podía sentir más energía.
    2. B400 tiene mejor claridad y separación. Era mucho más distinguible con la canción electrónica de violín. Flc8s sonaba fangoso en comparación con B400. Prueba el álbum de David Garrett, especialmente, 'Antonio Vivaldi Summer'.
    3. B400 tenía mejor sonido vocal con mejor separación instrumental, incluso la voz masculina sonaba mejor. Prueba el álbum de Eric Clapton Unplugged.
    4. ¿Quién dijo que B400 carece de música clásica? Fue información absolutamente errónea. En mi opinión, Flc8s no podía manejar la música clásica en comparación con b400. Prueba la música de violonchelo de Edgar Moreau. O simplemente puedes recoger cualquier álbum de violín o piano. Prueba también el álbum de música de Julia Lezhneva's Handel. Encontrarás la belleza de la soprano + orquesta de b400.
    5. B400 también tenía mejores bajos. ¿Quién dijo que le falta el bajo y el sub-bajo? Por favor, intente el álbum de David Crosby CROZ.

    Todavía estoy tratando de encontrar la manera de mejorar Flc8s. Sin embargo, no es probable que ocurra debido a las enormes diferencias en la calidad del sonido como dije anteriormente.
    No estoy diciendo que flc8s sea malo. También es muy bueno IEM, pero B400 ya ha estropeado mi oído.

    Incluso el efecto placebo psicológico no hizo nada esta vez, aunque creía que los Flc8 eran mejores en primer lugar.

    Además, no crea la revisión (incluida la mía) hasta que realmente escuche el sonido con su oído. [/ QUOTE]

    I'm just trying to decide between those two. What about the sound stage? I had read elsewhere that b400 had no minimum and high extents and as a result had a sund stage smaller than lfc8.
  10. ahmonge
    Soundstage is average, which is not bad for an IEM. Just a bit congested for big classical orchestras, but good for smaller ensembles.
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  11. todonegro
    update on this:

    I am very happy to inform you that after a couple of emails with Brainwavz they finally accepted to replace them.
    I sent them back to Hong Kong a couple of days ago.

    I will let you know how this story resolves.
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  12. Spandy87
    I was going to get a much cheaper iem for my girlfriend over the holidays (she's not an audiophile) as well as just general throw around IEMS I could use when not rocking my Andros, but when I heard the B400 I was blown away and had to get them. Here's my review and comparison to my Andromeda:

    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  13. ahmonge
    Congratulations for your great review. I agree with your comments on B400. Great sounding machine at an amazing price. If only had a bit more treble energy...
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  14. visanj
    IMG_20190125_114038.jpg Mine is broken. I dropped it on the table casually (at a height of say 15 cm)

    Really disappointed with Brainwavz quality. Here after no brainwavz products...Learnt lesson by spending 15k
  15. pbui44
    Man, for 15k, you could have gotten a used Sennheiser Orpheus instead!:floatsmile:
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