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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. CactusPete23
    Have not had that issue. But suspect a poor connection? Are BOTH earphones showing the same type of noise?

    1) Try removing and re-attaching the MMCX connectors. Make sure to completely seat them, and then rotate them a few times to help remove any oxidation/oil/etc.

    2) Also make sure the 3.5mm jack connection if clean. Again rotating after insertion may clean it some...

    3) Try another cable if none of the above works. Could be a bad cable?

    4) If none of above works, then earphone(s) may be defective.
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  2. visanj
    Thanks for your inputs. Will try
  3. funnyjoke
    Ok, guys, few days on after my initial impressions of the B400s, my opinions have now definitely changed on it. I was listening to a certain song just now and I just had a better mind so was able to notice how really great it sounded and how much detail was in it. I realised that all of the real quality of its sound was in its intricacies, and I couldn't notice them before because I am always too deep in my thoughts. What really stood out for me were the instruments, which just sounded great and made the song just more enjoyable. So I now think that the headphones are great and am almost convinced they're worth the price too. :)

    @visanj, I see that you got the aqua coloured ones too. Did I inspire you somehow? :p
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  4. visanj
    Blue is always cool
  5. funnyjoke
    Yeah, was it worth the 200$ then? Do you truly like them?
  6. three0s
    The eartip gets lose from the nozzle pretty quickly, in fact I've lost a pair of stock tips already. What's the best way to tape/glue the ear tips onto the nozzle so that I could still gently remove them if needed? Thanks
  7. CactusPete23
    The nozzles are a little different among the different "generations" of the B400, as they refined the 3d printing processs. But believe all are closer to 4mm than 5mm. So 5mm tips can bet loose... Have not tried this, but might be able to wrap some teflon tape (Used on pipe threads in plumbing) on the nozzle. The teflon would increase the diameter some, and possibly hold the tips better? And being teflon and non-adhesive, would be easily removable, and replacable if needed. I think this would work, but need to be careful working with the tape on that small a nozzle. Need to cut smaller pieces of the tape; and might need a "3rd hand" or tweezers to wrap tightly. Tape will fall off if not stretched when applied. I will try this out when I get a chance myself.
    For now, I am using Comply 200 series foams that are 4mm...
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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  8. razzer001 Contributor

    The smell is probably from the eartips. Silicone, when produced can have a smell that can come off as burning plastic odor, usually this odor dissipates, sometimes it lingers, its nothing to be alarmed about, best to just let the eartips air out..

    This is usually down to a intermittent loss of connection between the male and female part, usually if you rotate around the earpiece while attached to the cable this will then help the male and female connectors to better align and it should sort this issue out. Unfortunately this is not all that uncommon with new MMCX cables and connector parts.

    Make sure you have pushed the ear tips down to the stub of the nozzle, if it is not properly placed then the eartips will come off easily.

    There are only two styles of nozzle, the first variant went out in the very first batch in 2017 and compared to how many have since been produced, there are very few out there with the original nozzle design. Everyone else after the first batch has the same nozzle design.
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  9. visanj
    The issue was related to USB Audio cable. Not with B400.
  10. funnyjoke
    Hey. Thanks for the reply! I'd like to say that I've been buying your products ever since I really got into the audiophile culture and so far, I've always enjoyed it, but that enjoyment usually only lasts a little while, because both of the previous times I've bought Brainwavz products, they stopped working properly after a year or less.
    With that being said now, I was expecting to be free of such issues with these top-tier expensive headphones (B400s - 200$), but was really sad when I realized that they had these types of problems even right out of the box.

    Anyway, I smelled it a lot of times, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the silicone tips as also the smell came only after I listened to some music with them. But, I was using a DAP, so that could also be the source of the problem. It doesn't smell bad anymore though. It's fine for now.

    About the left earphone cutting out sometimes: Yes, I do sort the cable out when it does that and that 'does' make it work again, but again, such a problem in such expensive headphones. :frowning2:

    Edit: Smelled them today and they still give out the burning smell. Are they going to stop working in the near future?
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
  11. three0s
    Aight, I just got the teflon tapes delivered today. They do seem to work! Great advice here. Gonna bring the b400 to work tomorrow and see if the ear tips stay.
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  12. ahmonge
    Recently I had the opportunity to listen to several mid to hifi cans, and this experience makes me appreciate the B400 even more. In particular, I listened to Hifiman`s Sundara for an hour in a rather quiet environment; also I was able to compare it to Senn's HD800s (amped by Cayin iHA-6). Another two headphones that I was able to try were AT MSR7 and an IEM, the Fiio F9 Pro. Unless the Senn, the cans were amped by my Fiio X5-II DAP

    The purpose of this trial was to find something better tan the B400 for classical, as it is a bit too warm for my taste regarding this kind of music. Soon I discarded AT MSR7 (very strange and flat soundstage) and the Fiio F9 Pro due to its V shape tuning. While the Sundara is a fine performer for classical (good natural tonality, good at detail rendering and decent instrument separation), it sounds to me a bit lean on bass (probably due to my DAP) and, overall, it isn't a big step over B400, even that it more than doubles its price.

    The HD800s is in another league. Tested only with classical, it shines with better soundstage and coherence than Sundara, and shows a very natural and pleasing tuning for this type of music. But at a price miles away from the B400's,

    Hope you find these impressions interesting.
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  13. tgx78
    HD800 with sonarworks is unbeatable in classical music. B400 is very good as well for BA based IEM.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  14. fjf
    I use some heatshrink tubing to make the nozzle thicker:


    Then I use JVC Spiral Dots (L):


    The fit, confort and sound are perfect :L3000:
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  15. yangian
    B400 is definitely not good for large work symphony/orchestra. Small work is fine.
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