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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. RolandBlaze
    Same here. At last :)

    Good parcel tracking site anyone needs one is 17track, best i've used so far for Chinese, HK purchases.
  2. ahmonge
    That's the best way to go. Unfortunately, demo is more and more difficult nowadays due to the amount of IEMs tn the market and the dissapearance of retail stores. So I did the jump helped by the Brainwavz black friday sales. I don't regret it!
  3. mercatorn
    Just got these in and listening to them right now. These have enough bass to satisfy most people. As a frame of reference I felt like my Vsonics Gr07 were just about right, and the 1more triple drivers had too much to where i lowered the bass in my phone's equalizer. But for these... they are great!
    I will say that these are the best perofrming IEMs i currently own right now just off my first impression , so that beats gr07, westone3, 1more triple driver.
    I'll post photos soon after i do my quality inspection :)
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  4. FactoryStock
    Eesh. Alright guys, my Havis are dead. D.E.D dead. Before I pull the hair-trigger, would need just a small comparo between B3 Pro I's trebles/highs and the B400s'. Should I? Can I?
  5. Razornova
    Not feeling my new B400s atm, still prefer my recently acquired ibasso IT01 and older LZ A4s with black/black
  6. steveting99
    I'm about to join the owner's club for B400. Just placed an order Brainwavz online website as I'm living in Hong Kong. Didn't even know they were local to me and haven't even heard of the brand until lately. Need a replacement for the failing Philips Fidelio S2. I like smooth warm sound signature, wanted comfortable fit like the S2 and decent noise isolation. Was going to get the Shure SE535 and wanted to try out BA IEM. Was considering the FiiO F9 Pro. Based on Broko's review (thanks!) of the F9 with the comparison to the B400, this looks like the right choice over the Shure SE535.
  7. ahmonge
    That's exactly what you get with the B400. I think you will like them.
  8. ianfitz
    I’ve had my shipping notification yesterday.

    First set of ‘proper’ quality iems for me. Took the plunge after being very engaged by a pair of S0s (which are now on sale and a bargain at $30!) and reading the several reviews on here.

    Thanks to those guys giving their time to write such thoughtful and detailed reviews.
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  9. ahmonge
    How does frosty cable sound compared to the standard one? Does it show more treble energy?
  10. harry501501
    Well what a journey I've had with these, even in such a short time. At first listen I wasn't too impressed as they didn't have a huge leap in sound from the B200 (which is very good). i felt they were too 'feathery' sounding and hadn't the body and weight the 200s have. The detail was certainly an improvement, nuances especially. But at the same time they were missing something with songs I knew like back of my hand. It's taken a solid week of heavy listening to start hearing what the good reviews were telling me. (May as well say now, i don't believe in burn in... just brain burn in).

    What i was doing was trying to listen to these as audiophile, tons of nuance, detail monsters. Which they're not, and that is fine... but they do excel with certain more neutral or slightly brighter amps, ones with body. I also find they need more volume tho, which is fine as they are ridiculously easy to power. Without it they sound too soft. With higher volume they are very musical and enjoyable earphones. Detail becomes very good, nuances too. bass strengthens and they have good punch. Treble is smooth, some may not like that. I would love some sparkle, with it tehy could easily become the best earphones I have heard. With or without higher volume settings, they have a very big soundstage, that does have very good headphone like qualities.

    Mainly tho they are just a fun set if you just want to enjoy music, all genres... and that's what it is all about. I may try the upcoming B2 for a more audiophile listen.

    I've found all of the BA range so far excellent and these are a step up over the others (still need pushed tho volume wise to get best out of them). I use a topping NX2 with them and it really tightens them up and adds weight to the sound. My Xduoo X3 being quite a smooth sounding set doesn't pair well with them though as it's far too smooth a sound.

    Word of warning to those with small ears, the housing are very large.

    I wouldn't wear them with a hat, like a beanie as the friction rubs against the housing and it's very loud. Same with certain hoods.

    Would I recommend. Defo.
  11. harry501501
    Very different sets. First of all the B3 Pros need a very good amp and power to sound best, without them they are very average imo. I have to push them to 70-80% volume with some sources and AMPs or they don't come close to showing what they're capable of. Treble in the Havi's does extends further and has more bite, you'll find the B400 much smoother up top. That being said tho the B400 does portray the same detail as the Havi's up top, maybe even a bit better. But again, they're much smoother all in.

    The B400 is a much better earphone. The Havi is ruler flat, very balanced and has a much thinner sound compared to the B400. The B400 is far more enjoyable to listen to and the soundstage is WAY better. If you are after a bright signature then you won't like the B400 imo.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  12. harry501501
    I agree on this. Bass is good and it does reach low, but it's not got that DD strength behind it, but i never expected this. As said, for a BA it's very good. It's detailed though and never bloated.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Nope - measures the same. No frequency response changes.
  14. ahmonge
    Thanks, Brooko. Treble level is a bit low in my opinion, basically my only B400 complain so far,
  15. FactoryStock
    Allrightythen. Safety off...trigger pulled.
    I think I may still be running them off the E17K. Tone controls, device consistency, all that nonsense :grin:
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