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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. shane55
    Maybe in my hands by Thanksgiving. Perfect.
  2. ChrisRPM12
    Quick question. Does anyone hear happened to own both these and the logitech ue 900/s? If so how do they compare overall?
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  3. peter123
    At least the two first reviews that comes up on the BA 400 product page in here has that comparison......
  4. ChrisRPM12
    Woops I forgot to mention I've already read through those reviews. It wouldn't hurt to have more opinions on the comparison though. Reason being is that I'm also considering a UE 900S in due time.
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  5. dweaver
    I am one the reviewers you have already read but thought I would try to elaborate a bit more.

    I owned the original 900 vs the new 900S but from I have read, aside from the accessory changes and some changes to the design to try and aleviate some durability issues the sound is similar if nit the same.

    I would say that both IEM's have about the same technical proficiency as they should considering they are both 4 BA IEM's.

    The differences come down to ergonomics, accessories, and differences in signatures.

    Ergonomically the B400 has the been style shape where as the UE900 has narrower shell in ear but stick out more to accommodate the drivers. If you have unusually small ears the UE900 would fit more comfortably. But if you have an average sized ear the B400 will sit more flush in your ear giving less wind resistance, better isolation, and more stability.

    I loved the original tips of the UE900 but since this is an area UE changed I am unsure about how comfortable the new tips are. But UE gives 6 different sizes plus 3 foamy size options so will give more fit options.

    Signature wise I found the UE900 had a bit of a spike in the upper mids / lower treble which made them fatiguing for me but certainly helped them be more analytical. Between this peaks and the bass vocals were slightly recessed.

    The B400 on the other hand goes slightly in the other direction in that upper midrange / lower treble area so the vocals are its best feature sonically speaking. While cymbals and higher pitched percussive instruments lack just a bit of sparkle.

    So you need to decide if you want percieved hyper detail at the expense of fatigue go UE900 or go B400 if you want something less fatiguing and a bit more balanced.
  6. razzer001 Contributor
    The product page and the first post in this thread will be updated on Monday with the new reviews that have been coming out for our B400.
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  7. Venture Guy
    Barely used pair just listed in For Sale Forum.
  8. halcyon
    I broken down and ordered a pair and just received them. No comments on sound yet, I'm still comparing and listening.
    However, I wanted to let people know that BrainWavz B400 do indeed fit Comply P-series tips, which are the best for isolation. The fit is as it should be, it is just that the nozzle and the neck of the the IEMs is not perhaps as long as it should be for 100% ideal P-series fit. This means that the comply P-series foam tips feel a bit wobbly once attached to B400s. However, they work impeccably, stay on secure, provide superior isolation and for myself anyway, also excellent comfort. Also, they provide additional impact in the bass department.

    Now I only need to find sturdy, high quality mic-headset cable for B400s, so I can use them as my main smartphone headset.
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  9. snip3r77
    Is this a fun signature iem?
  10. Vaiet
    I've been following this thread since almost the beggining and first news about B400. Still considering if I should buy them or go for the Cardas A8 30th AE, which came to be insanely good for the price even tho they utilize "only" one driver. Since I got my Ei.XX, my preferences switched towards darker, more full-bodied and fun sound signature to the point my iBasso IT03 became overly bright and too thin sounding in the midrange.

    And to be honest, I've owned UE900 for like... few hours? Couldn't stand their awfuly weak midrange. I'm a metalhead who loves meat (on the plate and in my music) and the guitars sounded unacceptably bad. In that department, although clearly V-shaped, Triple.Fi 10 had amazing midrange.

    Anyway, still waiting for some more opinions. Maybe someone would be kidn enough to compare them with Mee P1, iBasso IT03 or Triple.FI 10.
  11. dweaver
    It depends on what you mean by fun. If by fun you elevated bass and treble or a V/U shaped signature then I would say no.

    The bass is fully present but more balanced than accentuated and the upper midrange lower treble is balanced to maybe slightly dialed back.
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  12. snip3r77
    How does this compares to the Pioneer?
  13. razzer001 Contributor
    In general Brainwavz tuning tends to lean towards a fun sound signature, but usually also not too far away from the analytical sound signature fence. With the B400 the sound signature we went for was to sit on the fun and analytical fence.
  14. jkjk123
    Hi Razz,

    I ordered a pair of the black ones, and am excitedly awaiting their arrival. Will they all be shipping from the Hong Kong warehouse? Just wondering at estimated arrival date to California since I will be going on vacation soon and would be nice to know their rough arrival date. Also, which shipping company do you use?
  15. dweaver
    I would agree with that. Most Brainwavz IEM's are on the fun side of the fence. I think the B400 is their most audiophile like signature to date but's certainly still is fun, boring would not be what comes to mind.
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