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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. shane55
    Thanks mate!
    And since you and I seem to have very similar tastes in sound sigs, I greatly appreciate your insight on this!

    "B400 has a bit more bass quantity..." Yeah, that might certainly help, as that is the only substantive change I'd make to the Q-Jays.

    Brilliant... cheers.

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  2. razzer001 Contributor
    In general, do spin fits affect the sound Or are they designed more for fit and isolation? I've seen they're becoming popular but haven't had any chance to try them myself.

    As of right now the color options are made to order, I don't plan on having anything but the Frosty edition available at Amazon for the immediate future. This could change much later when we know which colors sell the best and can better predict the demand for them.
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  3. HiFiChris Contributor
    Here's the a graph that shows the difference between the B100 and B400 I have on hand:


    The B400 has got the somewhat better sub-bass extension while the amount of bass is otherwise similar, then the B400 has got more level between 3 and 5 kHz than the B100, and the B400 is more in the background around 11 kHz compared to the B100 while it has got more level above 15 kHz.
    Same setup, same stock silicone tips (same size), same insertion depth into the measurement coupler.
    You can definitely see that Brainwavz is going for a "house sound" with the B-series (the B2 Phoenix that's based on the original B2 will likely be a bit different).

    On the technical level though, the B400, just as already the B200, will be a step up from the already really good B100.
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  4. Slusho
    How long do they take to ship then? I just ordered in Crimson Red (and fingers crossed it's closer to the 10 than 20 days to get here).
  5. razzer001 Contributor
    We have a USA forwarding address too, but many times the cost and time it takes to arrive is the same as sending it to HK, many times its faster to send it to HK than sending something from one coast to the other in the US as HK in a city state and once a parcel arrives in HK it gets delivered the next day or even same day.

    Colored units right now take use 1 - 2 days to get out, Frostys ship either same day or next working day.

    You just bought the last available one which can get shipped out. We are now on preorder. Below are the current preorder details:

    Important: The B400 first batch is now sold out. We are awaiting inventory of the drivers, we expect them to arrive by November 5-10th, orders will start to 2-3 days after they are in stock. Any updates will be posted on this product page.

    Preorder pricing:

    • $10 off B400 pricing ($179.50 for Frosty & 209.50 for color variations)
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  6. maniac2003
    I've tried the Spinfits. Original and the newer CP220. I don't like them. Can't get a good seal with all of them.
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  7. Kalavere
    I know a lot of people say a lot of things about a lot of different tips, but to my ear they sound the same as any other silicone tip. They angle into the ear and allow IEMs to rest on your outer ears so actually do give a better seal, but they isolate about as well as any other single or double flanged silicon tip. They are superbly comfortable though.

    Most Spinfits aren't cheap the double flange ones are about £10 a pop per pair, but it's well worth having a go to see how you get on with them. I'd love to try https://snugs.com/, but honestly, at that price I could buy another pair of IEMs, I seem to buy a new pair every 3-6 months and fitting those to all of my IEMs would just be ridiculous.
  8. DecentLevi
    @Brooko - I finally read your review and it was phenomenal. Thorough, well planned & polished, good comparisons, etc.

    RE the Simgot comparison, good point about their isolation. Also as with fit, no matter how good the sound you ultimately must stick with the ones that fit / seal the best, especially when it comes to in-ear monitors / earphones. From their EN400 I tried, I loved the sound but couldn't get a good seal from their shallow insertion... any chance a change of tips was ever able to remedy this? From the previous B300 I tried anyway, I also say the Simgot sounded a bit lusher or more colored. I have no comment about your other comparisons having not tried them yet except for the Dunu, to which I think is a good brand but moreso with potential for better model releases.

    I also like your ending remarks that the B400 sets a new benchmark (especially for this pricepoint) and heralds a new era for Brainwavz.

    PS - I noticed a few typos, if you want I'll let you know by PM.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Yep sure - I run a spell check through but invariably miss one or two :wink:
  10. ChrisRPM12
    My Sony XBA-4iP died on me recently after years and I decided to order these bad boys. Let's see how these fare in comparison. :D
  11. shane55
    That's kind of you...
    And just exactly how and where can I go about doing this?

  12. TympanicLiam
    Any of you out there spent time with the B400 as well as anything like Triple Fi's, Weston's 30-40's, UE 900s? Looking to replace a pair of triple fi's broken in one ear, and wouldn't mind getting something more ergonomic.
  13. B9Scrambler
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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Yup - I own the Triple.Fi 10, W4R and UE900.

    Using all IEMs from a low impedance source with a ZOut of < 1 Ohm, the B400...

    ... has got about the same amount of bass as the Triple.Fi but with the warmer lower mids and a lesser sub-bass focus in comparison. The Brainwavz' mids are, in contrast to the UE, less distant. The UE has definitely got the brighter and splashier treble.

    ... has got about the same amount of bass and lower mids as the W4R (that is just a tiny bit warmer), more level in the upper mids, not as much of a recession around 5 kHz, and the softer and more laid-back upper highs.

    ... outputs somewhat more bass and warmth than the UE900, is more neutral in the upper midrange (the UE has got a down-slope here), and is a bit softer and slightly more laid-back in the upper highs.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  15. Jerda
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