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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. C_Lindbergh
    Is the smartphone remote cable still on track for early Nov? I ordered these this week and cannot wait for them to arrive :)
  2. Jerda
    Or on the Black Friday? Just to know cause I'm gonna buy them anyway :)
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  3. dweaver
    tried the olives again and with only a bit of work I did get them on and did not feel like I was risking damaging the IEM stem.

    The olives sound very good as a tip option as they don't seem to mess with the treble as much as comply tips.

    I was using the stock silicone tips with good success but will likely stick with the Olives now. They bring up the bass response but not at the expense of the treble.

    Have to say my early impressions of the B400 are very good. This is by far the best Brainwavz IEM I have heard to date and it easily compares or is better in some cases to the $300 to $400 BA IEM's I have owned such as the SM3, UE900, and every Sony XBA I have owned with the exception of the XBA-Z5 which is a $700 hybrid so not really the same. It is the most balanced signature out of all of them including the Z5.
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  4. Kalavere
    Your ear canals sound very similar to mine, I use Spinfit CP-100M for my Mee Audio P1's, they look like a similar fit to the B400, I also have some heavier Trinity Audio Phantom Masters and I use the Spinfit CP230 with those, they are a double flange with a longer first section that inserts pretty deeply, it's very soft silicone as well. I'd highly recommend trying either.

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  5. dweaver
    I actually have to use a different size tips in my right ear versus left. My right ear uses a medium to medium large and left ear uses large.

    I had no issues fitting the supplied comply tips but they are a bit to small for me and I find comply affects the treble to much.

    After Brooko replied about the Olives fitting I tried them again and with some careful work I did get them on the B400. Again I used medium in ine ear and large in the other.

    The resulting change was amazing. Like you it made all the difference for me. The bass gained much needed slam / impact. The good news for me is that I didn't have to do a deep insertion for this which adds to the comfort for me which is important.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  6. Badder
    Congrats for the initial sales success! Regarding the shipping, does that mean that Europeans won't have a chance of ordering a custom coloured B400 without paying customs tax?
  7. Badder
    Is anyone able to compare the B400 with the B100, specifically in terms of upper-mids and highs? Thanks!
  8. peter123
    You will always pay tax, either to the seller in EU or when importing the product from outside of EU. The difference should be neglectible (fee for custom clearance €15?) on a item in this price range.

    There's also a fair chance that you'll be able to avoid tax if you order directly from Brainwavz with free shipping. No promises for this of course but a possibility....
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  9. Jerda
    Mmm... brainwavz has EU warehouse so shouldn't you just pay the tax of your country without dogane?
  10. dweaver
    I will do that comparison for you later tonight as I have both and was planning on having a comparison in my review.
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  11. shane55
    Hey Brooko
    Hope all's going well.

    Great review.
    How would you compare the sound of these to the Q-Jays? Also, do these benefit from the balanced cable? (that's an edit from before I saw that they come with one...)

    And maybe this is a really stupid question, but have you compared these to the B200?

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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  12. Badder
    Good points, but when you order from Brainwavz and they dispatch from EU, you don't need to pay tax. Im sure Brainwavz has that into account when calculating the prices for their store.

    Im actually more worried about the customs process and delays here than the fee.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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  13. Brooko Contributor
    Hey Rich

    Thanks - they were an easy one to review as they fit my preferences pretty well :)

    Re qJays vs B400 - similar in their balance. B400 has a bit more bass quantity, a bit more mid-range presence, and is a bit smoother through the lower treble. Both have great extension. Click for larger image.

    b400 qjays.png

    With the X7ii they sound the same to me balanced vs SE as long as you volume match properly. I've never been a big proponent of balanced unless you need more voltage/power. In the review I showed measurements of bal vs SE. I volume match pretty closely, and I don't think a lot of other reviewers take this step. Other measurements from FiiO would tend to indicate that any other perceived differences are actually inaudible (THD, crosstalk, SNR).

    And unfortunately i wasn't part of the B200 or B300 tours - so haven't heard them.

    My top 3 IEMs below $250 would be Simgot EN700 Pro ($150), B400 ($180) and Curve ($250). They're all brilliant :)
  14. harpo1
    @razzer001 Thanks for such a quality product at an absolute steal of a price. I ordered these Thursday USA time and received them today. Top notch customer service if I do say so myself. I don't receive items this fast when I order from a company stateside.
  15. Slusho
    Thanks for the info. If I get a different color, do I have to pay shipping back to Hong Kong or US?
    Since these are MMCX, shouldn't there be options available already? My ideal would be memory wire and mic/button for my Android phone. I have a hard time finding cables though.
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