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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. Ahmad313
    Ok, got it, now just waiting for a review
  2. Ahmad313
    On the site when you click the colors option they show a list with the names of colors instead the pics of colors .
  3. rantng
    I don't recall if pics of all the color options were posted on the thread. Perhaps @razzer001 could help out.
  4. Glebuzzz
  5. rantng
    @razzer001 Could you please attach the pic of the alternate shell colors to the first post? It would probably make it easier for anyone curious about the different choices. Thanks! You've been very helpful & responsive!
  6. B9Scrambler
    Since I thought they would be released at 300-400 USD, when they arrived I started comparing them to the best iems I've got on hand. Gotta say, they are certainly no slouch and I can't think of a single iem I own or have heard in the under 200 USD category that compares even remotely. Gotta aim much higher.

    Even compared to iems like the HiFiMan RE800 and RE2000, Campfire Audio Polaris, and FLC 8S, the B400's accurate imaging, layering, and separation qualities stand out. None of them provide the same sense of space and depth of the B400 which is what makes this iem so special. It's ability to move sound around is amazing. Going from the B400 to the Polaris, which is no sound stage slouch, makes the Polaris sound flat in comparison. Wall of sound versus an open room. The effect isn't quite as pronounced with the FLC or HiFiMan bros.

    While it's not the most vibrant and entertaining of the bunch, that goes to the Polaris, it's technical competence is unmatched in this group and completely addictive. Every time I listen to them I hear something new in familiar tracks, and it's, well, damn cool. Can't wait for these to get into the hands of people who've bought them, not just reviewers. Also might have to put my money where my mouth is and scrounge up the cash to buy a colored pair.
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  7. razzer001 Contributor
    Indeed, just to expand on this, please keep in mind it was originally designed to be made out of CNC or metal injection mold and the target retail pricing was between $300-$400, this is exactly the price point we informed all the people who auditioned the B400 at Canjam SoCal 2017.

    The tuning of the the B400 was also intended to compete at that price range and that has not changed. Also our intention if we released the B400 at that price range would be to include our premium cables instead of the standard cables.

    There are a few reasons why the standard version of the B400 is priced as it is, the most important is that this product is being made in house in our own workshop, in order to make the workshop viable and help spur further in house manufacturing we need a level of orders coming in for this model, this is why i gave it a very competitive price. Our projected price came down a lot after we knew we couldn't make this awesome ergonomic earphone design in very expensive CNC or metal injection mold, but instead 3D printed, we also went for the standard cables and made the premium cables a optional upgrade.

    Here you go, we are working on renders also which may give a better real world representation of the colors, a few notes

    - The Blue Knight is actually more metallic blue, it has similar metallic elements as the crimson red, this does not show well on the image.
    - The Berry Purple comes out looking more blue in the pic, it is more flat dark purple

    B400_BWAVZ_1_RED.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Berry-Purple_28-09-17_01.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Blue-Knight_28-09-17_01.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Cosmic-Black_28-09-17_01.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Glossy-Black_28-09-17_02.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Green-Rage_28-09-17_01.jpg BWAVZ_B400_Punk-Pink_28-09-17_01.jpg
  8. rantng
    *drool* Sweet Baby J, now I regret asking for pics! They're all so beautiful, I want them all! Thanks again @razzer001 !
  9. moedawg140
  10. DcPlusOne
    Wow! Looking good so far. Can't wait for more impressions and comparisions! Might be my next earphones after the Mee Audio P1:ksc75smile:
  11. Ahmad313
    I like the Cosmic Black and Blue Knight
  12. Ahmad313
    I like the Cosmic Black and Blue Knight
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    The real question is though - will Wayne Knight like the "Blue Knight" colour?

    "Hello, Jerry."
  14. griff06
    My preference too!! That cosmic black looks juicy
  15. peter123
    Thanks! How's subbass extension and impact?
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