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Brainwavz Alara Planar Headphones - Review Thread & Future Brainwavz Planar Development

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by razzer001, Feb 24, 2019.
  1. nicholars
    Can you confirm a couple of things....

    The final price would be the same as the price on the website?

    If I wanted to return them, I can return to UK address, no charges for returning as long as no damage?

    Just want to confirm the price and also easy returns in the case I do not like them?
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  2. razzer001 Contributor
    Not sure what you mean by "The final price would be the same as the price on the website?", but whatever the price is on the site will be the price at checkout, only thing you can add on or change at change at checkout is if you want to go with paid express shipping instead of the free standard shipping.

    Just to note, the checkout currency is in USD, if you choose to view the price on the site in any other currency, that is just for your reference, checkout is all done in USD.

    We do not have any restocking fee, however shipping upgrades (fedex) are not refunded.
  3. Quinto
    I ordered the Alara on the 4th of march for $499,- USD, while under the impression it would be send from a EU warehouse..
    So it shipped from Hong Kong, I think the website should be more clear about this , since this will cost me 21% VAT + some bs fee. Now I also see on the website the price dropped $100,-.

    hope I like the sound of them darnit
  4. teqshea
    I purchased a pair two weeks ago. The delivery was delayed (to the US) but they are very excellent. The build quality is wonderful and the sound is excellent.
  5. FullBright1
    Yes, the $100 discount that is offered, after you bought yours, and i bought mine, etc......is a bit of a frustration.
    But on the other hand, the -$50 discount @checkout was nice, and they have a good sound and wear well.
    They won't sound worse then your $3400 USD headphones, they will only sound different.
    Nice warmth, quite natural, good value.

    Perhaps we've reached the era of headphone gear whereby if you spend over $299 USD< you are not going to get a product that sounds "bad".
    I have a lot of headphones, my list here in my bio is fairly extended, and for the most part, they all sound worth their cost.
    After a while i stopped thinking about headphones in terms of..."bad sound, vs, good sound".....and just think of them now as all having a different sound, and does this work for my ears.....or not.
    In a way, headphones are like a singer's voice, as compared to 10 other singers, and all can sing.
    But which is your favorite voice?
    They can all sing....but, which voice do you like best?
    I think you will enjoy the Alara.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
    PaganDL and teqshea like this.
  6. Quinto
    Thanks, I agree..I love my HD800S but ordered the Alara because I'd like some warmer, more intimate sound, for jazz trio's and solo piano especially..and richer bass can have its charmes for some music
  7. FullBright1
    Going from the HD800S to the Alara is like going from Moby Dick to a UFO.
    Like going from Genghis Kahn to Captain Kirk.
    Like going from Black Stiletto Heels to Ruby Slippers.
    Its going to be such a change for your ears.
    Try not to get whiplash / ear shock/ the bends.
    If possible, the day the Alara arrives, try not to listen to any other headphones.
    Let it be the first of the day, if possible.
    Have fun.....:)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
    PaganDL likes this.
  8. PaganDL

    Hi @FullBright1,

    As always, great analogies & insights.

    Might get the Alara myself one day, see how it goes.

    Hope you have a great day !
  9. FullBright1
    You'll enjoy the Alara.
    Its the Quad's brother from another mother.
  10. Quinto
    Have my Alara now for over a week and like them a lot. Nice can for listening records at night and as a bonus they make me appreciate my HD800S even more.
    Does anyone use them balanced?
  11. Quinto
    Bin listening to my Alara's,(apple lossless through my ADI-2 DAC) 'Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster', the sound is very enjoyable, wonderful timbre..what a great album.

    Tha Alara seems to be what I was looking for, great to have this alternative next to my HD800S..
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  12. razzer001 Contributor
    I am glad all of you are enjoying our Alara. I also can happyily inform that the Alara is in stock at Amazon.com (ships from Amazon).


    This also means if youre in the US and purchase of our direct webstore we can have the Alara shipped from our US warehouse.

    We should have the Alara on Amazon UK next week and also then be able to ship to customers within the EU if purchased from our direct webstore.
  13. PaganDL

    Good to know, @FullBright1, good to know :)

    At least then I have a rough idea what the Quad sounds like, really need to find the Quad...

    Looks like might have to swing for the Alara during Black Friday later in the year !

    Hope you have a great day !
  14. clerkpalmer
    Would this headphone complement something like an LCD 2 Classic or would it be too similar? I see the review above references Audeze. If I wanted something a bit more immediate than LCD-2C would this be a good option? Thanks.
  15. bagwell359
    These came, then lots of talk on the Quad thread, and a few here - and then.....

    Not sure why. Anyhow they are not on Amazon at the moment, but you can get them for $339.15 from the Brainwavz site.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019

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