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BQEYZ in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. ayang02
    The NX7 is brighter than the Spring 1, also providing better treble extension, resolution, and instrument separation than the Spring 1. At times the NX7's treble sounds really airy & sparkly at the same time it's amazing to hear. But then the NX7 may be a little fatiguing to listen to after a while and even harsh depending on your source. I highly recommend using a warm source to pair with the NX7. The cable included with NX7 is also really cheap and makes it sound harsher than it really is. The cable included with the Spring 1 is much better, I even started using NX7 with this cable.

    I prefer Spring 1's mid range and bass performance. To my ears, the NX7 has a pretty lean mid range and the Spring 1 easily beats the NX7 in this area. Spring 1's bass hits harder & deeper than the NX7's followed by a slower decay. The NX7's bass is alright, it's got nice speed and decent impact but I like Spring 1's bass a little better. Overall, I think the Spring 1 is the more versatile IEM.

    Soundstage-wise, I would say both the NX7 and Spring 1 have decent soundstage. Neither have holographic/huge/wide/tall soundstage like some TOTL IEMs on the market but I'm happy with both performances.

    So to summarize my comparison:
    Treble: NX7
    Mids: Spring 1
    Bass: Spring 1
    Stage: tie
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  2. zazaboy
    @ayang02 I see you have quite some iems in your collection.. can you do comparison between Campfire Audio Andromeda S.. Audeze iSine 20 ... do you think spring 1 is better then these iems in terms of soundstage instrument accuracy seperation and detail retrieval without fatiguing much (not too much brightness too the extend of getting tired at some point)?

    and do you think they really need a amp/or balanced output to sound great gonna use on portable device weak source... dont want much quality loss though

    and lastly why do you recommend this iem... what are the main positive points what excel outs between the spring 1 and your other iems in your collection?

    thanks for your answer..
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  3. baskingshark
    Nice comparison. The Spring 1 looks really good.
    I'm looking for an IEM with good timbre, how is the timbre on the Spring 1?
  4. ayang02
    I have not compared all these side by side but I may do so sometime in the future. I would say the soundstages of the Andromeda S and iSine 20 are both bigger/wider than the Spring 1's. The other factors are a little harder to compare unless I listen to all 3 side by side but out of these 3 I think iSine 20 is the least fatiguing, perhaps due to its open-back style. But I really didn't get much fatigue listening to these 3 in 1-2 hours stretches. Recently I've only been fatigued listening to the NX7.

    I haven't tried the Spring 1 with an amp but will do so later. I'm happy using a Bluetooth cable with it and I think it sounds great! I've tried the NX7 with different portable/desktop sources in my collection and this IEM scaled beautifully. That may also be the case with Spring 1 but imo this isn't hard to drive like the Tin P1.

    The Andromeda S is probably easier to drive than the Spring 1 so I see less need for an amp for this one. The iSine 20 with cipher lightning / Bluetooth cipher cable sounds great, probably the best sound you could get using a smartphone out of all the IEMs here. I do think the iSine can benefit from an amp but probably also need to play with EQ if you're not using Audeze's cipher cables or plugins.

    Price mainly but the performance you get is also really great. If you compare the Spring 1 aginst some $1k IEMs on the market, you may end up liking the Spring 1 more. I find the Spring 1 to have a nice overall sound and I didn't find a glaring weakness with the Spring 1 like I have with other similarly-priced Chifi IEMs in the past years. I really think we are seeing better products at the same/lower price point compared to the past years.
  5. ayang02
    I think the Spring 1 has decent timbre but I am not picky in this area. I would say it's better than a lot of pure BA IEMs, probably closer to DD IEMs.
  6. DynamicEars
    thanks for detailed impressions, your words told me bunch stories about spring 1. More over with that TOTL collections, you already have so many experiences. I'm getting more excited waiting mine to arrive. Looks like spring 1 suits me a lot better than NX7, a fatiguing bright iems really made me tired and put me off. I'm not picky about trebles extension as long as they are good enough, with decent sparkles and natural timbre. I'm more concern about low end side and mids.
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  7. nraymond
    I've only had the Spring 1 for a day, and I don't normally like to post impressions so soon, but what I can say is something I don't think I've said about any product on this forum: I have nothing negative to say, no suggestions, no downsides, no drawbacks. I've been throwing my most difficult tracks at them, and my ears have been happy.
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  8. silverfishla
    I just bought the Spring1! Looking forward to good times. Dynomite!
    I asked for a discount and they sent me a $20 voucher. You might try the same, just don’t mention my name.
  9. Wiljen
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  10. silverfishla
    Anyone here that can do a Spring1 and Tin Hifi P1 comparison?
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  11. ayang02
    I own both but I haven't bothered listening to the P1s since acquiring the Spring 1. The P1 has that "clean" planar magnetic sound which will probably benefit a lot from EQ but I'm currently too lazy to do that. The P1s are a lot harder to drive compared to the Spring 1 and they are too bass-light for my taste (back to my EQ suggestion).

    I think it'll take some work to make the P1s sound great and I guess that's why Obravo decided to add a dynamic driver to their planar magnetic IEM: Cupid. P1's bass response bothers me but for some people, it's not a big deal. As always, it all depends on your source and your sound preference. If you want a more well-rounded IEM that can pretty much be driven by a variety of sources and sounds good without needing to EQ, Spring 1 is a no-brainer for me.
  12. TechnoidFR
    I just receive them !

    And wow ! I'm happy for one reason ! They success to have good sound with piezoelectric ( have to learn nicehck ). Good V shape signature, they remember me RHA cl2 for this mature sound with more dynamic signature.

    Very great Iem
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  13. Bui Hai Anh
    So as I made the first order for Spring1 on AE, I would expect to receive the earphones soon. But no! The custom has held my item for too long, so I asked Elle Zhou if they had declared the value too high (I had noted earlier that they should declare $20 like other AE sellers, otherwise I have to incur 21-26.5% tax).
    And she checked that they had declare $127, which will translate to $26.67 - 33.66 in tax, and two more weeks of waiting.
    Surprisingly, BQEYZ has offered me $20 reimbursement paid directly to my PayPal once the Spring1 arrives, which definitely is a proactive and professional manner from a manufacturer.
    I'm more annoyed by the wait TBH.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  14. progdvd
    When did you order Spring1? Mine is still in tranzit. I just hope they declared lower value for mine since I forgot to tell them.
  15. Bui Hai Anh
    I made the order on 27 Aug; the T800, Hi7 and CNT1 bought on the same day all arrived a week ago.
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