Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. mcook1970
    I have been waiting to pull the trigger on these for the last couple days and been looking at the feedback on here and other forums.

    It's certainly a mixed bag but I would expect it on a headphone such as this where it's trying to serve more than one purpose by delivery top sound quality whilst isolating outside noise. I know based on previous experience with B&W headphones they need burn in time, so I am not surprised to hear that the sound does improve after a while.

    I am still undecided on whether to go for these, I had the Sony m1000x before but just couldn't get used to them, great noise cancellation but wasn't too impressed with sound quality and comfort. However, if the consensus is the PX's score better in these areas then it could be a decider. I am also interested to hear feedback on how they measure up in terms of sound quality against the P9 - I am not expecting them to trounce the flagship headphones but intrigued how close they are.
  2. AlwaysForward
    Just got mine this morning and initial impressions are very good in SQ. I wanted to make a quick comment that my pair sounds much better with ANC off.
  3. ollyp44
    I've said it a couple of times already but I prefer the PX to the P9. For me, the P9 has a really weird over the top bass. I also found them really uncomfortable. If you're looking for something in the P9 price range that absolutely trounces the PX, I strongly recommend the MrSpeakers Aeon - gorgeous sound and the most comfortable headphone I've ever tried.
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  4. HD800NL
    How is the Aeon compared to the PX?
  5. mcook1970
    Thanks Ollyp44
  6. npham
    Has anyone tried hooking these up to an AppleTV? Everything I've read on here(and elsewhere), makes me want to buy them but if anyone can confirm that they work flawlessly with an AppleTV(4K) would help my decision making out a lot.
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  7. richpjr
    Just ordered the PX. Hopefully these work out better for me than the Beats Studio 3 did.
  8. wildpanda86
    You got me thinking... just looked at the AppleTV instruction manual and apparently you can pair any bluetooth headphone with it...
    It feels like the Beats Studio3 thread transitioned to here lol.

    I’m able to buy a pair for essentially 25% off but can only get store credit if I return them so I need to be sure these are the headphones for me. Hopefully Best Buy displays demo units soon.
  10. npham
    Yea it would be a nice option to have when the wife goes to bed early, and I can listen to Netflix, music, movies, etc at a normal volume instead of barely audible.
  11. richpjr
    LOL. I am stuck paying full price so I ordered from Amazon - at least they have a good return policy.
  12. GrussGott
    Here's how I'd summarize it ... owners how close am i?
    1. The PX requires burn in to get up to their full SQ potential (and AptX HD)
    2. ANC is about 75% of the sonys, closes in the stage, and degrades the sound
    3. The SQ without ANC is superior, maybe far superior to the Sonys or the QC35
    4. They're not as comfortable as the Sonys or QC35s, but not bad either
    5. The SQ is more neutral compared to the P7w, i.e., the P7w are more bass heavy which occasionally washes out midrange
    All in all, once B&W has them back in stock I'll get a set (I have the P7ws now)
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  13. GrussGott
  14. redrich2000
    Audio Sanctuary out of stock. Who has stock?
  15. bedlamite
    The 2 are quite different headphones, made by very different companies. Not sure why you'd think that. Not to mention the whole Beats stigma that still exists with "audiophiles" \rolleyes

    tbh I was pretty set on picking up a pair of the Shadow Greys, or at the very least giving them a good audition. Once the PXes suddenly dropped, well that was the end of that lol. B&W make quality products, and their heritage is undeniable.
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