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Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. alchemical
    Hope it’s sold separately, as with other accessories. It’s been a long ol’ wait for B&W to come around on offering a hard case.
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  2. spetrushin
    Also got the same hard case while purchased on Amazon few days ago.

    Build quality and materials are so amazing. Would say that Sony have better ANC, but general value is on the PX's side. Of course this is just my opinion :wink:
  3. jbbryant
    Has anyone here tried the Bang & Olufsen H9 3rd Gen? Just bought my PXs last week and I love everything other than the comfort and broken seal when I wear glasses from time to time. I usually wear contacts, so not a huge deal, but when I wear glasses I have to put the glasses legs or whatever they're called above the earpads so it's kind of awkward.

    I'm curious about the H9 vs PX in terms of comfort, seal, and of course general audio quality and bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Tenlow
    I bought another pair of PX today for my girlfriend as she was borrowing mine way to often :wink: The new pair also came with this really nice hard case instead of the soft pouch the old ones came with. This should have been included from day one I think but nice that they finally decided to ship them with hard cases now.
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  5. Jazz1
    I was never a fan of the original soft, quilted bag. It won't let my headphones lay flat, and it is too tight to easily insert the headphones for storage. That said the new case look nice. Space savings wise the old bag would work a little better, as it must be smaller. If not, I'll be bugging B&W for an new accessory purchase :wink:
  6. trevinthefionaapplefan
    Is it really a direct upgrade to have the hardcase? Idk... I mean, hard cases are all over Amazon, whereas the pouch is more fashionable and rarer.

    Edit: I guess as long as they still have the pouch for sale as an accessory it's fine.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  7. Tenlow
    The pouch surely ‘‘looks nice‘‘ but that’s about it. It collects dust like crazy and offers rather questionable protection - so I think it is a clear upgrade. It‘s also better to have an ‘‘official‘‘ hard case by the manufacturer where the PX and the accessories fit in perfectly than having to buy a third party one off of Amazon in my opinion. This one is rock solid and looks/feels good. And yeah whoever prefers the pouch can still buy it :)
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  8. guerillaw
    Any pics of the new hard case? I agree
    the pouch is all form no function.

    Can you buy the case?
  9. Asspirin
    Then again, who needs protection for these headphones... I think you could easily smash in a door with them and they'd still look fine.
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  10. larzy
    No other changes with the headphones or sound? You know, like a silent MKII release? Does the box mention the new case ?
  11. Tenlow

    There are pictures of it in this thread just 2 or 3 pages back :)
  12. Tenlow

    I don‘t think there are more changes than the new case. This is definitely not a MKII release or something like that. The box doesn‘t mention the hard case either (but it doesn‘t mention any case).
  13. dannydj
    Lifesaver, so simple but effective ! Had my pxs for a year and truly love them. Got glasses for the first time a few months ago resulting in a seal break. I was putting in dailies just to use the headphones thanks so much for the tip.
  14. Tenlow
    Our new pair (the one that came with the hard case) seems to have developed a strange noise/friction sound on the left earcup joint. Even moving or rotating or slowly/gently without any pressure makes this cracking noise and you can even „feel“ it not just hear it. Has anybody else come across something like this?

    See: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mof8sch6cfjwpox/20190616_111639(1).mp4?dl=0
  15. cactus_farmer
    I can't really figure out the sound signature of the B&W PX's. With a bad seal they seem pretty 'shouty' with over-emphasis on mids. When I make sure to have a good seal (i.e. cutting my hair short and not wearing glasses), they have extremely satisfying bass, to the point where I think they're at least as bassy as my Sony WH-1000xm2's. On top of that they seem to have a very sweet and forwards lower-mids but somewhat rolled-off treble, which make them seem overall darker than the WH-1000xm2's since the latter has a bit of a midrange dip and more sparkly highs whilst having equivalent bass.

    TO anyone who's heard both of these cans - would that seem a fair assesement?
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