Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

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  1. zviratko
    I have the H9, and SQ is nowhere near B&W PX or P7. They sound very artificial (not bad, though).
  2. redrich2000
    I cut the driver covers off tonight... a subtle but nice improvement in clarity and sparkle. Not as much as I'd hoped. They still have that boxiness. Dug my old wired B&O H6, they are significantly better than the PX to my ears. These are what I hope the PX was going to sound like :frowning2:

    Interestingly, I think that's the wear sensor right smack in the middle of the driver. I wonder what that does to them sonically.

    IMG_0402.JPG IMG_0403.JPG
  3. brokenhat
    The H6's are my fav reasonably priced headphones of all time, sound and comfort!

    I agree the H9's don't sound as good as the PX's (I have both too) but they sound alright, the ANC works OK, they are VERY comfortable and look fantastic.
  4. TheOracle
    This is the only comment I could find anywhere comparing the MW60 to the PX. I currently have the PX, enjoy it quite a bit, but the MW60 does intrigue me. Soundwise, what is it about the MW60 you prefer?
  5. bedlamite
    The H9s aren't audiophile gear, far from it, but I love them for it. It's got gobs of bass and a lush sound signature that helps to mask outdoor ambient noise and it's way more comfortable on the head than the PX. H9s were designed to be used outdoors and they excel in that environment. Indoors, the sound signature becomes unlistenable mush but I've got tons of other cans for indoor listening in a controlled environment. The PX is a far more balanced can but personally speaking I find the sound a little thin when used during my daily commute, especially with ANC off.
  6. TellyBoi
    after much deliberation and soul-searching, I come to realize that the Px aren't for me. firstly, the Px sound signature is just not the one that made me fall in love with the B&W brand. I know some people would love the close to neutral sound which I would initially and generally would prefer if I only I was looking for it. but that isn't the case for me right now. I really hate to let go of the Px since I really love it's construct and design way better than my P7s. but the cons are just too overwhelming right now that paying for the Px are just not a good investment. let's face it, it's a broken product, from the hissing/static noise, ANC, no passive mode, buggy sensor detection and firmware. anyway, if only B&W worked on those issues, I might even begin to appreciate the Px eventhough it's sound signature is neutral. but really, at close to $500, that's a hard pill to swallow with a set of cans that only does 50% of what it's advertised that it could do. so for now, P7W's are more of a worthy buy.
  7. robertbudding
    A broken product? No, there were design decisions and trade-offs made. They are fine for the way I use them - wireless on my daily subway ride.
  8. galocza
    id just like to say thanks to all you fine people who shared their experience regarding the effectiveness of the anc of the b&w. it was most helpful as it gave me hope that i still might have a pair of headphones that are right for me (alternatives being the sennheisers and the b&o discussed here). the most quoted 85% is enough i hope and i happen to prefer a clear, sterile, clinical sould (i know, boring 8). theres still balm in gilead!
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  9. jmfoto
    Hi everyone, does anybody know if these cans can be used in wired mode with an iPhone through usb-c to lightning cable?

    I’ve try it with my iPhone X, but I didn’t get them work toghether with such connection, do I mised something for specific configuration or any App? Shall it be worthy to try it with a different cable?

    I would appreciate any answer, thanks in advance.
  10. galocza
    i dont have personal experience and though some reviews deny the possibility, the manual clearly states:
    "PX headphones can also play audio via a USB connection from a computer" later mentions only 'device' which is promising. still, im sorry but i think it might be only valid for computers 8(.

    and later elaborates:

    Connecting and using the USB cable and PX
    headphone behavior with USB input in use is
    described in the following paragraphs:
    • Disconnect any connected Bluetooth devices by
    pressing the Bluetooth button on the right hand
    ear piece twice in quick succession.
    Note: Bluetooth must be disconnected for USB
    audio to be played.
    • Plug the small USB plug into the socket on
    the underside of the right hand headphone ear
    piece. Plug the larger USB plug into a computer
    USB socket. If the computer USB socket is
    powered, the headphone battery will immediately
    begin to charge.
    • Select the PX headphones as the playback
    device in the computer’s audio output
    control panel. Audio selected in computer
    audio playback apps will now play through
    your PX headphones.
    • The headphone volume and Play/Pause controls
    will function normally when playing USB audio.
    • To restore headphone Bluetooth functions press
    the Bluetooth button. The headphones will
    attempt to connect to the last connected device.

    good luck!

    EDIT, manual link:

    in this article the reviewer manages to connect it to an iphone7:
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  11. ryanmatic
    Yup, the ANC on the PX is not class leading but it is certainly no slouch, especially when combined with the sound signature. I had a flight back from Japan a couple of weeks ago and had these on the whole time, set to Office. Cut out plenty of cabin noise (so much so that it caught me off guard whenever I took them off and realized just how noisy the plane was).

    I haven’t been able to replicate that behavior—I can get my PX to play over USB when connected to macOS but not iOS (I’ve tried the Apple USB C to Lightning cable). I kinda suspect that reviewer didn’t actually disconnect Bluetooth before plugging in to the iPhone.
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  12. SonRK
    How did I miss the release of this?! I must have been enjoying my P7 Wireless so much that I haven't kept up with the new releases.

    I wear glasses and I know some comments mentioned that they lose the seal if they have glasses on. Also, I genuinely love the bass-heavy V-Shaped sound that the P7 wireless provide. These are supposed to sound more neutral?

    I guess my question really is: I listen to EDM/HipHop and go on daily commutes in packed trains to reach my midtown Manhattan office. Is the sound signature that different from the P7 Wireless?

    I guess I'll have to check if my local Best Buy has this in stock so I can try them for a 2 week demo or something
  13. hawk10eye

    Haven't tried myself but as per reddit,

    "It doesn't work for me unless I use the camera kit... It complains that they want too much power and won't work over usb-c at all. Use the camera kit (even unpowered one) and they work."

    I guess this the camera kit
  14. chancans
    My first post here. Thanks for all the informative and considerate perspectives. I wanted to share some of my experience as well as inquire more deeply into some of yours:

    I recently ventured into a new purchase of some bluetooth headphones. I value SQ (while also valuing the convenience of wireless) and thus have avoided ANC for a while. Some of the recent big players (mentioned here) have been creating some pretty compelling options as of late. I find the Bose QC35's to be wildly comfortable physically, and wildly uncomfortable sonically as I experience a strong pressure sensation from their ANC - it literally hurts and that discomfort lingers. So I narrowed it down to two pairs - either the PX (B&W) or the 1000Xm2 (Sony). Spoiler alert, I chose the P7 :)

    I found the 1000xm2's to be very comfortable, and kind of jack of all master of none scenario, well, not entirely true, I thought they were a master of ANC, but the sound was just simply bland to me, the sound stage was narrow and furthermore I felt their build quality to just feel cheap for their price. I felt like I may break them. And while they were really comfortable while sitting, they would almost fall off my head (I have a very small head) if moving around at all.

    The PX on the other hand sounded phenomenal, at least with ANC off, and sounded pretty muffled and relatively muddy with ANC on. I probably could have gotten past it (since you can always turn it off) if it weren't for a serious challenge and deal breaker for me (which is both personal but also seems to be conferred by others as well): the weight distribution of the headphone felt really unstable on me, they felt top heavy, while also did not create a very good seal, the ear pads are much thinner than the P7's, and with the PX on simply turning my head would both let outside noise in and inside noise out and also felt they may fall off. The other features also didn't feel reliable to me, the proximity sensor in particular.

    For me, the P7's fit much better, and to my ears sound phenomenal. I do like the more natural and flatter sound of the PX for versatility, but LOVE the more colored fun factor of the P7 for my uses. They are not be used as monitoring headphone at all, but rather a fun, all around, enjoyable set to travel with and use while at home and am not able to play my music outwardly most of the time I listen to music through my SONOS system in the house.

    Things that I miss by not choosing the PX:
    The USB-C connector (this isn't a huge deal, but it is nice to have as it allows one more step in the direction of a unified cable)
    The battery life (while the P7 has plenty of juice, its nice to have more right?)
    ANC (albeit not the best, it is something when it is needed I suppose. However, due to the seal issues I had, much of its value is negated)
    Being more future proofed, these are pretty much next gen

    What I gain with the P7:
    More comfort
    A highly enjoyable, fun, sound signature.
    I personally appreciate the aesthetic and styling much better than the PX, they feel more traditional and borderline retro in a really enjoyable way, to me.
    A more simple headphone with less buttons and configurations (which I like)
    Much better passive noise isolation, which Ill take over decrease sound for ANC
    The ability to own a classic, somewhat iconic step in wireless tech, before they are all gone :)

    As I write this its so obvious my preference, haha. Im still in a return period with my P7's so do continue to mull over the decision, however. Im curious have others out their preferred the P7 over the PX?
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  15. redrich2000
    They sound completely different. Based on what you wrote, I'd say stick with the P7W.

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