Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

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  1. Jazz1
    This is unfortunate. I purchased for the DragonFly Red some time ago. While I didn't expect an all around champion, meaning the draw was Bluetooth use. It seems odd that all my other non-BT headphones works with eh DragonFly. I'm hoping there is a firmware fix soon. Either way these are keepers for my daily EDC where I do not want to deal with a cord.
  2. Jazz1
    I just started using the cabled PX to my Schiit Jot. I detect a small hiss when not playing music with Environmental filter on, Office mode, and Voice Pass-Through off. There is no background hiss when the Environmental Filter is off, and I am not playing music. I'm using an iMac for the source. Norah Jones sounds sweet with the amped, cabled PX!

    I may just have to look into a cable upgrade from PlusSound. No I don't work for them. I just love their cable on my Audeze LCD-2. Maybe a cable upgrade will get even more out of the PX.


    At idle I do hear a slight hum volume turn all the way down, or at listening volumes (again with out music playing. No big deal. But my non-BT headphones don't make any sound at idle using the same output chain. Anyone else amping the PX?
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  3. ampherio
    I have a phone Meizu Pro 5 and the same problem, a little hiss, and only with 3.5 cable. And I have a Ipad, but I don't have this problem, only the problem in Meizu Pro 5.
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  4. galocza
    i had some serious issues with the sony, and im thinking about getting these headphones. (troubles with the 1000xm2 in this post:

    could owners (or people who had such experience) please give me a rough estimation on how the anc of b&w compares to the sony or the bose (i also had a qc 25 on loan)? im looking to suppress low frequencies mostly (noisy neighbours, thumping, drumming).

    i just need something that confirms (or not) that these cans might be right for me anc-wise (i already spent about 30usd to send back the sonys).
    thank you,
  5. DarwinOSX
    The Sony MX 2's have the best ANC followed by the Bose QC 35 followed by the PX. The PX ANC isn't very good plus sound quality falls apart when it's on.
  6. galocza
    thank you for your quick answer. im aware that sony and bose are leading, but i dont feel trying my luck again with the sony and bose doesnt have aptx (home use with pc, aac doesnt help me). i know its completely subjective and many people are uncomfortable giving even rough estimations - still, what would you say, compared to the sony/bose (100%) how good is the anc of the b&w? the more people chipped in the more informed decision i could make...
    thank you,
  7. kismetsky
    If the 1000xM2 is a 10/10 on the ANC performance, I would rate the PX's at 8.5/10 with a caveat. The ear cushions on the PX are thinner in both dimensions (ring thickness and cushion thickness) - how sealed the cups will be is dependent on your hair length/sytle, glasses, and general shape. If you do have a good seal, low frequency noises are very nicely cancelled. On the train to and from the city, the ANC was amazing and made listening at lower levels very comfortable. High frequency noises however were very distracting (a guy was reading the newspaper a few rows up and every page turn pulled me out of the music).
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  8. TheWalrus
    I would say that the ANC on the PX is about 85% if the Sony is 100%.
    The PX is very good on removing bass. But you still hear the treble.

    Haven’t tested the ANC that much yet because I normally don’t use ANC. But I’m at the airport right now and will test the PX on a long flight. Will update you when I arrive in Sri Lanka and find WiFi.
  9. brokenhat
    I think the active NC of the PX is way behind the other main players. They do have the best passive NC though that helps make up for it. I think its pretty simple, you don't buy the PX for the ANC, that is just a bonus, if you want ANC as a high priority its Bose or Sony. If its sound first it's PX for maybe H9's.
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  10. lifeinabox
    I agree that the B&W is 85% ANC quality of the Sony Mk2s but I would qualify it by saying the PX sound/ANC is very fit dependent. Move an inch and it falls apart. I also agree that the sound quality suffers. Sorry to hear about your problems with the Mk2s. Mine are fine so maybe the third time will be the charm for you?
  11. anonymess
    Given the recent conversations I do think several posters would find the B&O H9 worth a try, and perhaps better. See my detailed write up of PX vs H9 in the H9 thread at article #665.

    Rumours suggest there is a new B&O “H9i” coming out in the coming weeks/months, and I’ve decided to hold back for that one. A dealer told me it would have some microphone passthrough like the PX, and perhaps some improvements to ANR, although that is just speculation until they are announced. From one of the test documents it looks as though it might also have USB-C rather than micro USB.
  12. kismetsky
    Your write-up has curbed my curiosity for the H9's. I'm am in no way a basshead and I love to hear the vocals come through strong so sound-wise the PX is preferable. While I was able to get used to the 1000xM2's touch controls, I still found it annoying when I would accidentally pause the music with a double touch; I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be if a double tap initiated a phone call on the H9! The play/volume buttons are perfectly placed on the PX and work well even with gloves or mittens on.
  13. anonymess
    That is fine. Comparing the two, I thought some people would love one, others the other. For me, the H9’s comfort is way better, and although the overall ANC was less effective than the PX, I didn’t get any of the issues about sound leakage that have been mentioned above on the PX. Also I felt the PX closed me in too much, while recognising that’s exactly what some listeners will want.

    My wife’s summary was that both were excellent; she thought would feel on the edge of her seat listening to every detail of the music with the PX, and comfortably relaxed surrounded by sound in the H9s. I think this was a good description of the difference - and for me the H9 option is more suitable for how I will use them.
  14. DrTone
    I agree maybe 65-70% of the Bose which I owned at one time
  15. robertbudding
    The ANC is plenty good enough for me. I've used the PX on my daily subway commute and on a cross-country flight. But, to be honest, it's the sound quality that won me over.
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