Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
  1. archagon
    Yes, but seeing how a) I need to use it with my computer, and b) this doesn’t happen with any other headphones, it’s not really an answer. The amplification is not “slight” to any degree!

    Plus, it also happens with my MIDI keyboard, which has no ground plug and thus can’t be fixed.
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  2. BigBobbie87
    I'd be surprised if other headphones didn't produce a similar static effect. It could be that their cables are better insinuated. I notice the same thing on my HD598s and Momentum 2.0s, but it's less apparent, and goes away when the volume is increased. Again, this is only on my tower. It doesn't occur on my Surface Pro, Galaxy S6, or S7. I've read that there are cables you can buy that are more resilient to errant current, however using a different port on my PC corrects the issue for me.
  3. archagon
    The effect also happens to a lesser degree even with the cable not plugged into anything (as others in the thread have observed) so it is at least partially the fault of the electronics.
  4. LajostheHun
    What faster speeds are you talking about? Frankly there is very little difference between 4.0 and on ,till 5.0. which is a big step finally. AAC is a codec and it's max rate 256kbps bandwidth is not challenging at all via BT for a long time now and it works the same in any BT version that supports it.
  5. qba3d
    Regarding The hiss, I read here that some head-fiers are using PX with dragonfly. Mine with Dragonfly RED sound terrible, enormous floor noise sound like a broken jack. Ithink there is a problem with amplification here.

    Is anyone using PX with Dragonfly here with listenable results?
  6. ryanmatic
    Nope—I experience the same noise floor and interference you described. It’s pretty unlistenable.

    I’m curious if this is one of those cases where adding a Jitterbug would help.
  7. Jazz1
    I’ll check it out and report back.
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  8. WDitters
    I own a Dragonfly Red, à Meridian Explorer 2 and an LG V30 phone. The Dragonfly sounds great musically but has an awful static. The Meridian Explorer 2 also has a noise floor, but way way less than the Dragonfly Red. The LG V30 is completely silent... But is not a USB DAC...
  9. Shizmoo
    Is the hiss you guys talking about through your computer or phone? Im interested in using one for my iphone x and PX
  10. brokenhat
    I have an iPhone X and Macbook Air with Dragonfly and zero hiss, I mean zero.
  11. qba3d
    Do You have Black or RED one? They have different output.
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  12. brokenhat
    Black. Also no hiss without Dragonfly if that helps. I listen wireless mostly though as I have the P9's too for wired.
  13. qba3d
    The difference is DAC ( should not affect the hiss I guess, ), and output strength: 1.2 vs 2.1 and that could make a difference.
  14. archagon
    The hiss is in wired mode, there is no hiss via wireless or USB.
  15. wildpanda86
    I know as well that the hiss comes from the PX in wired mode.
    - my Dragonfly red connected to my P7’s make a sweet sweet sound with an inky black backround... so no noise
    - my Dragonfly red connected to my PX’s are terrible because that inky black backround is replaced by static and noise on both my space grey PX’s and my wife’s blue and gold PX’s

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