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Bowers&Wilkins new flagship the P9!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by redogfizbal, Sep 6, 2016.
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  1. Asspirin
    The App is for the PX only.
  2. KristianFaksvag
    I eventually sold my P9s this autumn and bought Mr.Speakers Aeon Closed instead. I think that the mids are much better for the aeons, but I really do miss that excellent bass from the P9!
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I can see that, I had an Aeon Closed here for a few weeks and while there were without a doubt strong points, I did find the Aeon lacked some bass and weight to the notes.
  4. someyoungguy
    I’m seeing a few ridiculous sales going on for the P9s here in New Zealand, from 1500-1700 NZD to 900 NZD. It makes me wonder if B&W have a new flagship about to come out. Also, makes buying a pair that more tempting too :wink:
  5. Mr X
    I guess it’s a few years old now so wouldn’t surprise me. I’d love to see a new design. As much as I loved the sound they were just too uncomfortable for me so went for PM1’s but wouldn’t hesitate coming back.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The PM1 is a lovely headphone, you are lucky. I would hold onto that one as it will be a collectors item. I had one with me for a few weeks and was really impressed. I owned the PM3 which was great in it's own right, but the PM1 was pretty darn nice. Wish I could have bought it at the time.
  7. Mr X
    Oh I love my PM1's and will be keeping them but I do miss the P9 for when I fancy a bit more fun and thump. Ideally I'd love both but wouldn't we all!
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Indeed we would. Cheers.
  9. Marc Roberts
    Just had my P9s go back to B&W, as the right earpiece started creaking. They sent me a replament set in a couple of days, even though they warned me the wait could be a couple of weeks.
    I must say the customer service has been superb in this instance.
  10. Phos
    Are P7 and P9 cables interchangeable? I ask because I have a P7 and I'd be really convenient if I could use the P9's lightning cable.
  11. Earbones
    Just picked the P9. Wow, I’m loving these cans so far. Very dark and smooth like an HD650, but with much better bass extension.

    I’ve been looking for a smooth, non-fatiguing can similar to the 650 with better bass for awhile... These might work. Time will tell if they are fatiguing or not. So far so good.

    A bit on the heavy side, though. Wish they’d made the thick metal bits out of carbon fibre. Similar “luxury look” and the can would weigh like 330g...
  12. Dtuck90
    I haven’t found them fatiguing at all. Used them nearly every day since I bought them in September 2017
  13. Earbones
    Good to hear. I’m reeeeaally digging these...
  14. Earbones
    Yeah, these are fan-bleeping-tastic cans. Every listening session I’m more impressed.

    Every review I’ve read talks about the price being so exorbitant... But with a street price of around $800, I’m just not seeing it. Everything this competes with is $1400-$2000...

    What I’m hearing so far:

    Absolutely world class treble. On par with anything out there. Same goes for the mids. Bass, while tight and incredibly detailed, is still obviously tuned for fun... but with many recordings, particularly one-guy-and-an-accoustic-guitar-tracks, I’ve often found that to be more accurate than “accurate” if that makes sense... With live music you do hear a resonance and depth of, say, a slapped acoustic guitar body, that isn’t generally picked up by studio mics. Soundstage is superb for a closed can. Separation is another strong point.

    These are just terrific cans, period... At any price point.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
    larzy, someyoungguy and Dtuck90 like this.
  15. FlyingFungus
    I kind of regret selling the P7s. They were such a unique sounding headphone with addictive bass. I got to demo the P9 one of these days.
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