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Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

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  1. monotonik4c
    right now i have a pair of DBA-02 but this c5 looks pretty interesting.
    can anyone compare with DBA-02?
    cuz i'm mostly listening to electro music recently.
    if its worth it, im willing to buy one. however,  then i need to get rid of my current DBA-02 .
    so.. any comments?
  2. tinyman392


    I would recommend the M4s before I recommended the C5s.  You'll get a lot better quality out of that.  However, do you like the DBAs?  If not, what don't you like about it?
  3. bulmanxxi
    The SQ of the C5 is excellent.  However, I returned a pair as the hoop system is uncomfortable, unfortunately, for extended listening.
  4. monotonik4c


    I really like my DBA
    but for my recent taste of the music which is usaully electro and dubsteps, i feel some lack of bass with my pair.
  5. tinyman392


    M4s should actually suit both of those genres... 
  6. monotonik4c


    thanks, i should reconsider..
  7. marleyfan
    I picked a pair of these up today.  Here's my initial impressions, although I really don't have a great deal to add.  First a bit about me. It should be noted that I am no audiophile, but I know what I like and I rarely find it.  I am 50 yrs old so my ears are not what they used to be (too much time in front of a stack of Marshalls in my younger days).  My music interests are rather mundane from Adele to NIN to Bob Marley to Bedouin Soundclash to Kings of Leon.  No techno or death metal or dubstep. Previous headphones have been Superfi 5 Pro, Sennheiser CX500 and Klipsch S4i.
    My source is my HTC Amaze 4G using PowerAmp with the EQ set to flat.  Most of my music is either ogg vorbis or flac with some mp3's.
    I actually went in thinking of picking up the House of Marley Zion's (don't hate on me) when I saw these for about 30 bucks more.  So I opened the box while still sitting in the parking lot of FutureShop.  I fit them in my ears reasonably quickly and gave them a listen.  On a funny note, at first I thought, "wow, I'm hearing things I've never heard berfore... and I don't really like what I'm hearing."  Then I realized I still had my car stereo on and could hear it leaking through.
    Anyway, initial impression was like everyone else.  Too much bass and way to muddy.  Overpowers everything else.  So I took them home and played around with the fit a bit.  Finally figured out how that loop thingy works and found a comfortable fit.  I took the dog for a walk for about an hour.  I found that the bass began to clear up a little bit by the time my walk was done.  I have them burning in now and am still undecided about whether I'll keep them. I do find them better than my previous headphones and am hoping that with burn in they will be substantially better.
    A couple of things about them.  I found that the fit with the loopy thing was somewhat uncomfortable at first but I think I've found the right adjustment.  Although one ear bothers me a bit still.  Also, the remote buttons work somewhat on my Android phone.  I can pause, skip to next/previous, but cannot contol volume.  I haven't yet tried receiving a call.
    I realize that this is not as technical as tinyman's review, but I'm just an old dude giving an opinion.  Go easy on me.
  8. Selenium
    You aren't old. Thanks for your insight.[​IMG]
  9. Narii
    I agree with what is stated above.

    The thingy loop does need a adjustment period to get a good fit.

    The sound is overpowered by bass, but once in a while, a song comes across the headphones and just seems great.

    I bought these because of my pair of P5 that I love, and find that if you like aesthetics and pop songs, the C5 could please.

    Although for the price you could get better earphones, they look SWEEEET!
  10. tinyman392


    Good impressions, similar to my initial thoughts actually.  The bass body will subside enough to make it passable for a few genres.  But they can still easily overpower.  Mids and highs open up a little, but thighs still retain some edge.  I do agree with you saying that the earloops take some adjustments, but are worth it in the end if they don't irritate your ears. 
  11. baaderonixx
    As far as portable IEM's I've been pretty happy for the last couple of years with Apple's own IEMs - wondering if the C5 are worth upgrading in that category
  12. earache Contributor
    So playing around with tips on the C5 I managed to rip one of the large silicone tips.  Anyone know where to get replacements?  Thanks.
  13. tinyman392


    Contact Bowers and Wilkins...  They may send you a free pair of tips...
  14. doxaman
    I've  been using mine daily more or less since I've got them, they've been reliable, and occasionally fantastic sounding, lots of cable noise and such, but not as uncomfortable as my Monster Turbines were.
      Now the Jack has warped on them!  I've never seen this happen before but somehow the tip curves off about 2 degrees, it is truly a curve, not a bend!  it really looks odd, like it was subjected to heat or something!
    I need to charge the batteries in my Camera, hopefully I can get a picture of this!  I've e-mailed the distributor and B&W, I wonder if I'll ever get a reply!
  15. doxaman
    DSCN2015.jpg Bad picture, old camera, but why would the metal part of the jack suddenly warp like that?
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