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Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) P5 -- [Looking for: JVC FX700s]

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  1. epithetless
    For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale (or, possibly, trade*):
    Bowers & Wilkins P5 - I just purchased these used but in like-new condition, and they aren't my cup of tea. All accessories (iPhone mic/remote cable, standard cable, 1/4-inch adapter, and B&W carrying case) are included. I haven't tested the remote functionality because I don't have a compatible iPhone or iPod, but it (like the rest of the headphones) still looks new and unblemished. Price dropped to $215 shipped (in the CONUS -- extra for shipping elsewhere) via PayPal or USPS Money Order.
    Shure SRH750DJ - Also in like-new condition. I am the original owner, and they simply never got a lot of head-time. The Shure pouch, spare earpads, and quarter-inch adapter are included. -- SOLD
    Westone 3 - Again, in like-new condition. I am the original owner, and these will come with their packaging and all accessories. I ended up favoring my other earphones to these, so they haven't seen much use. -- SOLD
    *As far as trades go, I am only interested in JVC FX700s at this point (long shot, I know...), so please no offers besides those.
    I can take pictures if requested. My pre-website-redesign Head-Fi feedback can be found here
  2. epithetless
  3. epithetless
  4. epithetless
    (Ooops...I accidentally multi-posted when simply trying to update the original post. Wow. Anyways, the spare earpads and quarter-inch adapter are included in the Shure SRH750DJ sale as well.)
  5. ryan8
    Hey David,
    Got your PM - I can't reply as I'm apparently over my limit of 2 pm's per day.
    I'd prefer priority mail for the speed and tracking number - please let me know (via PM) how much that'd set me back, and include your e-mail so I can get back to you.
  6. epithetless
    Update on the P5s...I thought they'd included the standard (non-microphone) audio cable when I bought them, but it turns out I was sent a Bose headphone extension cord instead. [​IMG] I have a replacement B&W audio cable being shipped to me now, so the sale will be on hold until that arrives. Sorry for the unexpected delay, folks.
  7. epithetless
    Update: The Shure SRH750DJs have sold, and I've dropped the price on the Westone 3s (see the first post for details).
  8. epithetless
    Update: The B&W P5s are now up for purchase/trade again. [​IMG]
  9. epithetless
    Just snagged some Monster MD Tributes, so my search for those is over. [​IMG] I'd be willing to trade for a pair of JVC FX700s, if anyone has the urge to part with them, but otherwise my items are now for sale only.
  10. epithetless
    Dropped my asking price for both the P5s and the Westone 3s. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. joplin
    Hi David
    Would you take $200 via Paypal and ship to Victoria BC  V8R3A7
    Regular mail insured for $200
    Can you tell me what the shipping cost is if you accept my offer?
  12. Krnnamedjason
    Hello are the P5s still for sale?  Thank you.
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