Bought the Hart Gold System. A bit like the Phantom but with free cinema and airplay.
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Jun 22, 2006
I decided to go for it and sold my Tannoy Autograph repro's and went for an all in one Gold System like the Devailet Phantom but a few hundred dollars more. They don't look as good granted and they won't be nearly as popular but you do get two channels and they have loads of extension and go very loud and clear. I can still plug my amps to them for audio and my TT and extensive vinyl collection as well as my CD player. They play everything computer audio so far and wirelessly. Video is 1080p with onboard XBMC and a remote and an HDMI to my tele so free unlimited cinema and I can still use my music subscriptions and all my files. Totally chuffed! ​
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Discovered standalone DAB at 256kbps max on the Golds loads of stations. They don't even mention DAB in their literature. Youtube works in sync. Very dramatic sound with very low frequencies coming through. Films are really good fun. If there's anything else I'll keep you updated.

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