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Bought AKG K272HD sounds no different?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by razargh, Jan 10, 2012.
  1. Razargh
    Hey guys i just bought a pair of AKG K 272HD cans and I really cannot tell much difference my old Roccat Kaves the sound is a lot "smoother" and a bit better overall but not by a significant amount.
    So my question is do i need an AMP? I'm currently using them just plugged into my x-fi titanium standard headphone port?
  2. DVDRey
    Yes, K242HD require an amp to really shine, without the sound is flat, liveless but your Titanium should be enough, strange.
  3. Kukuk
    Give it some time to get used to them. Coming from my Sony MDR-V6's I felt I got swindled for the first few weeks. I was just totally disappointed by their sound, as they didn't seem to do anything better than the V6's. But as I listened to them more, I started to realize how special they are. To this days they still have some of the best mids I've ever heard in a headphone, with lots of detail all through the spectrum. And despite them being so detailed, they were still really musical. I guess that's part of their charm?

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