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Bottlehead Crack plus Speedball kit - brand new

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  1. MayorSimpleton
    For Sale
    Hi folks - unfortunately I need to sell my winter project in the form of a Bottlehead Crack kit with Speedball upgrade to fund another, more pressing 'project' which has reared it's ugly head.
    So this is the full Crack kit, with the Speedball upgrade, still mostly boxed and packaged, bought by me in May this year.  I only partially unpacked it before setting it to one side.  So effectively it's untouched and brand new.
    I'm looking for £275 plus RMSD ( £10? ), and for that I'll throw in about £40-odd quids worth a valves I'd collected while waiting for it to arrive.  Also a Nutrik locking jack.  That means you save on the £38 shipping from the US, the £53 import tax, and you save on the wait, too.  If you're in London, you can collect it from me if you like, and save on RMSD.
    Thanks - PM me.
  2. YzaKun
    PM sent
  3. TheGreatestCape
    Sorry, only 2 PMs allowed per day! I'll be on public transport; if you PM me your address I can pick it up before 11/after 5.
  4. MayorSimpleton
    Now sold - thanks all.
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