Bottlehead Crack or MapleTree EAR+ HD
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Oct 24, 2014
Hi guys, I'm looking for a new tube amp for my HD600 and my Audiolab M-DAC.
I've made various searches related to tube and hybrid amp and I think the Crack + Speedball is one of the best under 1000 bucks at the moment.
However, MadEar+ is properly another choice that I have to consider, though.

I know somebody using MadEar+ and they've never complaint anything about this amp. I also asked many people about this and they they agree that this is a really good one, some of them even confirmed MadEar+ is one of the best amps they've used.
But what's the reason that there is no topic about this while the topic of Crack is too hottttt.

Can you explain and give me some advice?


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