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Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by loquah, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. punit
    So I tried this just for kicks : Noble K10 + Btl ML (thought too much power, will hiss,,,,), wasn't expecting great results. But wow...drives them amazingly well, better than anything I have tried till now (incluiding portable amps).
  2. Loquah
    LOL. I'll have to try that for myself now...
  3. DDDamian
    Now that will take big pockets to go portable lol
  4. flying baboon
    How do they sound ? (compared to the Mundorf ?) Do you hear an upgrade ? :)
  5. DDDamian
    And wasn't there a concern on the BH forums about the wax-type insulator in the caps? There was some concern (and maybe a report?) of them getting warm and shorting? Don't mean to be alarmist - just make sure the ventilation is fine.
  6. flying baboon
    Put a fan into the S.E.X. Problem solved. [​IMG]
    EDIT : Bottlehead has launched a "Super Crack": the Crack-a-two-a! Still an OTL, but with a better power supply (C4S). It's in pre-order for 599$.
  7. JamieMcC
    There are some very noticeable differences.
    The Jupiter's sound very clean, balanced and fast with good tone which gives nice sense of presence but comes across as more natural rather than coloured and sound to me a fraction more resolving than the SIO, this was a bit of a surprise, who would have thought that from Beeswax! 
    The Mundorf SIO have the edge with deeper bass texturing and definition and some of the gravel-ness texturing in usual male vocals is not so textured with the Jupiter's.  Mid bass and up the Jupiter's are really very very nice and I am surprised to be hearing new details not heard before. Perhaps a benefit of the Jupiter's feeling more evenly balanced.
    The Mundorf SIO I thought have the edge with instrument separation. For a example towards the end of Ruth Moody's track Pockets their is a Spanish style guitar playing in the background with the SIO this comes across really clearly and separated with the Jupiter's it is still there but just not so prominent remaining in the background.
    Some posts I have read mention the Mundorfs SIO have a slightly U shape signature with lower and upper register bias.
    Both offer excellent performance which one to choose I think is more down to system matching and personal preference.
  8. NightFlight
    They don't specify that size on their site... are they made to order? http://jupitercondenser.com/product/round-beeswax-audio-capacitor/
    I would get an infrared thermometer and check the exterior of those caps after coming up to temp just to be certain. But then again you've been around the block, I'm sure you know this.  [​IMG] 
  9. JamieMcC
    The sizes are available here in the UK from only one supplier and even then they only had one 3.3 in stock so I lucked out.  
    The Jupiters used are the HT ones which are rated for a  operating temperature of 70°C.  To be honest I have never measured the Sex internal temperature partly because the top plate runs a lot cooler to the touch than my Crack did so never thought it a issue I also have a full width piece of 5mm thick aluminium angle section shoe horned inside which my chokes and attenuator are mounted I expect this helps somewhat with heat dissipation. 
  10. DDDamian
  11. Garbana
    Hi all, I just ordered a S.E.X. and it coming soon. Now thinking to get some tools. I am a beginner and don't have any solder experience. May I know Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 60/40 or 63/37 is suitable for beginner ? Thank you.
    (Sorry for my poor English.)
  12. JamieMcC

    Congratulations the Sex is a great sounding and very versatile amp. I would suggest if you have not done so then register on the Bottlehead forum they have a good selection of thread topics which you might find very helpful such as this one. Along with a dedicated Sex build thread for any questions.
  13. DDDamian
    Congrats - as Jamie said it's a great-sounding amp. That solder would be just fine. I wouldn't want much thicker than the standard 1mm diameter stuff. Should be nice and easy to work with.
  14. Garbana
    Thanks Jamie & DD, I will check bottlehead forum. I plan to get S.E.X to pair with my HD650 & bookshelf speakers :)
  15. NightFlight
    I've experience with good and bad solder. The Cardass Quad (http://www.cardas.com/solder.php) is perhaps the best solder I've used in running hook-up wire in audio. Can't speak for the Kester.
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