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Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by loquah, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. JamieMcC
  2. DDDamian
  3. ZachPtheDude
    Has anyone with a SEX 2.1 compared to new OPT with the magnequest trafos?

    @jamie I was considering paralleling different 1uf caps. Some brands don't have anything rated for 600vdc+ AND at least 1.5uf in capacitance.
  4. JamieMcC

    You need to stick with the  600vdc specification there are plenty of options with that rating or above.
  5. ZachPtheDude
    Tease shot of my almost finished SEX case, and the SEX paint job

  6. Doc B.
    Looks great!
  7. ZachPtheDude

    Thanks Doc. My dad's friend went above and beyond, the metal stripe inlay is a perfect touch.
  8. DDDamian
    Really does give it a nice touch. Hard to tell from that pic with a bit of reflection but it looks like the "front" panel has some nice grain in there too.
  9. JamieMcC
    The bright metal stripe inlay looks really neat against the darker wood, nice idea [​IMG] 
  10. Loquah

    Looks great!! Your bell cover colour is almost the same as mine. :)
  11. ZachPtheDude
    Thanks for all of the compliments. The case is beautiful, I'll give a full write-up on the wood used, and the finishing process. It's really a beautiful case, and it gives me more room for upgrades :wink:

    Trust me, a proper reveal of both the internals and external pictures is coming. I'm a slow, meticulous guy. It's annoying at times, but it works out for the better.

    Also, if anyone is interested in a similar case for their own Bottlehead amplifier I could always ask if he's interested in making more cases. There are different wood options, and this was his first "amplifier" case but he has a lot of experience and can do a lot of different things for a case. I just need his permission before I go sharing his name :p
  12. rogerthatmand

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  13. DDDamian
  14. skeptic
    Just stumbled on a good deal on fleabay for some EH 6c45pi gold pins.  Grabbed one pair for myself since I've been interested in hearing these tubes in the mainline for quite some time.  I'm sharing the link here for the remaining pair in case any of you guys have been hunting for some but not wanting to pay Woo's asking price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141726774022
  15. ZachPtheDude
    Fellow SEX addicts,

    After the c4s, in my experience, comes upgrading the stock film caps. I have some mundorf supremes, and Solen AGM silver sounds for parafeed duties and mundorf supremes for coupling duties.

    Does anyone in here have a fully hot rodded SEX? I'm thinking before I grab any teflon capacitors, or TOTL mundorfs, etc., would I even really be able to hear all the subtleties without replacing the 100 and 22uf psu caps with Solens or M-Caps, replacing the CRCRC resistors with chokes, upgrading all signal path resistors to bulk foil or naked z-foil vishays, etc.?

    Reason I ask is I have a line on the new Mundorf Evo Supreme Silver/Gold in Oil for a great price, but I'm wondering if the money would be better spent upgrading the power supply.

    Thanks for reading.

    Listening to what I build is fun, but the tinkering nerd in me almost prefers experimenting with parts choice.
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