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Bose vs Sony?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by itsmelol1, Jun 3, 2012.
  1. itsmelol1
    I need budget priced headphones so i came down to these two.
  2. RobustOrange
    Well, I can tell you that Bose models are not worth their asking price. None of them. Sony makes some really nice cans, but some bad ones too. Please be more specific with what you want out of them.
  3. headphonesallda
    Bose is super crap! no bass, for ppl who listen to rap / hip hop. Sony is the wayto go for you, im serious, do not buy bose. Ae2 is the same thing as qc15 but ur paying 200 DOLLARS for noise canceling. Go for sony headphones.. they look way better and sound way better for less money.
  4. itsmelol1
    i listen to bass heavy music
  5. devourheadphone
    Sony is the way to go, Bose is super crap
  6. RobustOrange
    Sony XB700.
  7. headphonatic
    Hah! I have a feeling everyone who has replied has never tried Bose, and is only going on the Head-fi bandwagon, typical noobs. Bose sound okay, but they're artificial sounding and overpriced, but heck they're so comfortable, pillows stuffed with fairy dust, they've got a somewhat okay bass, no texture, but they managed not to make them too bloated, I must say the QC15's have a nice crisp treble, making the mids acceptable. It's their build quality, and over value that makes them hated, make them $100, and they'd certainly be very nice, mainly because of comfort and noise cancellation. What's your price range? What kind of music do you listen to?
    Denon D2000
    Ultrasone Hif580 or Hif780
    Happy findings!
  8. kalbee
    You can say that again! and again. and again. and once more.
    And they do sound pretty good. Not in the same standards here and there but not terrible. Wouldn't say they have no bass, but most certainly not bass-centric music business.
    A given budget and any further thoughts about preferences in sound quality or sound signature as well as looks, if ever important, would be much appreciated for further suggestions. But strictly Bose vs Sony? even then it depends which ones... I would lean towards the Sony if strictly comparing these two choices, knowing perfectly there's pros and cons to each.
  9. drovid
    Is SONY X headphones better than Bose quiet comfort 15?
  10. Tsujigiri
    Bose didn't sound bass-light to me when I heard them. They sounded kind of bloated, but the bigger problem was that they lacked any detail or soundstage.
    I have no idea why it would come down to these two brands for you, OP. Sony has some good headphones, but I think they have more bad than good headphones in their lineup. The new XB series isn't as good as the old one, which wasn't all that good to start with. And now that they're discontinued, used prices have gone through the roof. And Bose doesn't sound very good. So I wouldn't recommend either brand. If you post your price range and what you're looking for, you'll get better suggestions.
  11. StewieMonSta
    try looking at the Sennheiser HD 202. I heard them I liked them.
  12. Tsujigiri
    Given some of the other models he mentioned, I think he's looking more upscale than that.
  13. obobskivich

    No. The "X headphones" (I assume you mean the MDR-X10) are disappointing - congested, bass-driven, flattened highs, and the fit/build is funky (in a bad way). The QC15 are more balanced (they have boosted bass, but it isn't boom-boom all the time), have better top-end extension, are more comfortable, offer better isolation (who'dve thunk it?), have much better soundstaging, and so on - they're an easy suggestion over the X10.

    This thread is almost a year old, and OP never returned after posting it...it's a zombie. :p (I wish there was a halloween themed smiley for times like this).
  14. Tsujigiri
    Good catch, I somehow missed that. There have been a lot of these popping up lately...
  15. cyh03176
    i auditioned both bose qc15 and ae2 and as i remembered they have bass and their sound quality is warm and also good. but people who buy bose if not those who like their sound, it is for their comfort, once you wear them you can have them stay on your head forever, and i mean forever.

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