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Bose QC 15 and Sennheiser HD 598, why it is so bad?

  1. e22big
    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, nice to meet all of you.
     I have some question to ask regarding the issue of Bose QC 15 and Sennheiser HD 598 specification. No I wouldn't ask which one I should buy (bought both of them already). I read a lot of comment in this forum and elsewhere that HD 598 can be very mush superior to Bose QC 15 so I decided to give it a try (having QC 15 already).
     The result is that HD 598 sound surprisingly bad, very mush worst than QC 15. The instrument sound very overwhelming and it required quite a lot of volume to be clearly heard. I usually listen to classical music, so I tried them on a lot of track on that type, none of them displaying the suppose spatial quality HD 598 suppose to show, the sound seem to be even on FLAC.
     What's wrong here? Is that because that's the limit of my on-board sound card on my laptop? or do I suppose to use any specialized program for it to be truly shine (I used WMP, Winamp, VOP most of the time)? It sound so bad that I have to adjust the equalizer for it to be bearable (brought all to 0  db). It sound better but definitely not even close to QC 15 quality.
     Please suggest, I know HD 598 suppose to be one of the best head phone to go along with classical music. Something seem to be wrong and I really like to have it fix.
  2. juan1894
    Three Things:
    1) Maybe an amp can make your HD598 sound better, but No drastic changes here ( But if you tell that you have to up the volume in your pc, probably an amp is required)
    2) In my experience, the onboard sounds card that come with the laptops these days are mediocre. In fact my HD558 sounds better with my ipod. ( Maybe the solution here is buy an Usb DAC).
    3) The QC 15 are the only "high-grade" headphones that you have? The HD598 does NOT have as a purpose surprise to the world with it bass, volume or isolation. Is a sound that is neutral and relaxing that you will apreciate day after day, with the correct tonality for many instruments and details that you didn't listen before in your songs.
  3. e22big
     Turn out, I wear it R-L rather than L-R :p 
     The spatial problem now solve liked a charm..
     I am thinking of upgrading my sound card to Xonar Essene STX  do you think it would be better than an amp?
  4. juan1894
    xD!! I dont have much experience with sound cards and DAC's because i dont have that. I listen music with my ipod and Fiio E11. However I'm pretty sure if you upgrade the sound card of your pc your headphones maybe sound substantially better. (I think if you listen music on the computer a sound card or DAC is a better investment than an amp).
  5. collateral
    The ASUS Xonar Essence STX has a built-in headphone amplifier, it would sound better to which extent I'm not sure as I haven't used one but it would definitely be better.
  6. e22big
    all right thanks for your help.
     I notice that when I started using HD 598 most of my tracks now sound poorly record. This may be the problem with the CD itself (poor thing the HD 598 managed to pick up all the excess noises in the record that the cheaper ear bud can't ). The track I listen at the store sound way better, I really curious as to why did this happen. 
     It sound as if I am playing a a gramophone from late 20th (don't know if that suppose to be a compliment), do you know what might possibly cause this? It definitely sound different on other headphones and/or speakers I used.

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