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Aug 14, 2014
I love the QC15s, but they have one big problem, no bluetooth. Since they have been out for a while now I´m wondering if anyone has got any idea about when they will release the next-gen QC over-ear headphones?
Otherwise I´ll go with either the Sennheiser MM 550-X Travel or the Parrot Ziks. Do you have any experience with one, or both, ot those?
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Parrot Ziks are generally good for noise-cancelling BT headphones. Though keep in mind that you'll lose fidelity, as BT compresses the audio quality, obviously. However, they have a detachable cable so that if you want to get better sound quality through a cabled connection, you have that option too.
The small but efficient Sennheiser PXC310's work well for me for that purpose. Though if you're trying to isolate noise with active cancellation, IEM's (in ear monitors) with passive cancellation actually work better, especially on noisy flights. 
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Thanks, I´m not an audiophile so I don´t think I´ll have any problems with listening to bluetooth audio. The four things I want from the headphones are ANC, BT, great comfort (I usually listen 2-3 hours before I have to stop) and lots of bass. Will the Parrots give me that?
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If you're not an audiophile get off this forum! jk lol ;P
Are you open to IEM's? If so the SE215's will give you great bass, as will the Cardas Ear Speakers or Monster Miles Davis Tribute/Turbine Pro (either copper or gold); both will give you PNC (passive noise control that actually works better than ANC), and great comfort, better than over ear headphones if your ears aren't weirdly shaped. Dunno about the bluetooth part though in terms of In-ears.  
I haven't heard the Zik's in a long time, so I can't comment too specifically on the bass. Maybe someone else can shed some light in?

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