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Bose Ae2w headphones and bluetooth

  1. megahertz
    Hi there, I am wanting to get a pair of bluetooth headphones and the Bose Ae2w headphones seem to be the ones to get from what I have seen and heard.
    I will mainly be using it with an ipad and samsung galaxy phone, however I would love to be able to use it with my home theater at home for when my partner has gone to bed to keep the noise down.
    My question is, is there some sort of dongle/adaptor I can buy that will connect to the headphone jack on my Yamaha amp on my home theater that will enable me to use the bluetooth on the headphones to connect wirelessly?
    Many thanks
  2. gabevf
    I'm going to hijack this thread to ask, is it possible to buy only the Bluetooth dongle, and use it on my AE2i?
    If so, anyone out there know of any places where I can order that dongle?

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