Borders Coupon: 40% off audio and video box sets
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I went to go and try to buy Season 3 of House, and Season 3 and 4 of The OC, and neither were eligible. Christ, the seasons of OC and house are like 5 DVDs.....What???
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40% Off the List Price of Any One Music Box Set Consisting of a 3 or More CD/DVD Combination in One Package ... discount offer valid with Borders Rewards membership only. Excludes previous and online purchases, and audiobooks. ... Valid in U.S. stores 6/15/07 only.

This means, first, you must be a member of Borders Rewards to use the coupon. (I don't know whether this is a paid membership like B&N's membership program, or whether you can just sign up for it.) If you are a member, you must print out the coupon and take it today to a Borders in the United States, where you can use it to get the discount on a set of three or more music CDs or music DVDs. You can't use it online, and you can't use it to buy TV shows even in the store.

[size=xx-small]EDIT: The link does make it look like you can use it to buy video DVDs, and it also makes it looks like you can use it online. But that's clearly not what the coupon says. I resign the position of interpreter of Borders coupons in protest.[/size]
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You can sign up for a free membership at the time of purchase. It does look like it applies to U.S. brick and mortars only. One coupon I believe is for music CD/DVD box sets. The other is implied (by link) video box sets, which includes TV box sets (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.), but it may be a subset of videos, I don't know.

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