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  If the source is poor and the output is poor, I don't see how programming can make it better??? Or am I missing something?

Reminds me a little of this thread
Where they did a tour with some cheapo earphones and JoeBloggs designed some presets to test out with that... not sure how this type of product does it without knowing your headphones response, though. Probably similar to the ClearAudio+ DSP on Sony's walkmen... sometimes it can be quite good, sometimes terrible.
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I have it. It is a mini amp that adds reverb to the vocals and bump up bass and treble. I like it in my car. I use vocal booster on iPod eq and it's great. Just don't use it with another so like neutron or anything as that sounds like pure garbage together. But with a midrange or treble boost or flat eq this adds punch to the bass and widens soundstage a bit. Gimmicky but pretty gpod. Better than a fiio e6.
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I actually know George Appling (wearing a black shirt, standing beside and behind guys in blue button-down collar shirts in the "CELISTICS Partners with BoomCloud 360™" news photo - ), the fellow who co-founded BoomCloud 360.  He also co-founded Sherwood Forest Faire (a Renaissance Festival near Austin, TX - ).  He has other business interests, as well.
Back around the time that the BoomStick went on the market, George made a $40 discount offer on the Sherwood Forest Faire Facebook page, and I bought one for ~$60.  It is a small amp, with tethered 3.5mm TRRS cable & Mic pass-through, that has 2 switches - one for turning it On/Off, and one for controlling the audio effects.  When the Power Switch is moved to On, two LEDs will light up - the Power LED and the LED ring around the "BOOM Button", indicating the Boom mode is ON. Long-pressing the BOOM Button activates/de-activates the Boost mode, indicated by the Boost LED (beside the BOOM Button). Short-pressing the BOOM Button will switch the audio effects On/OFF.
The Boost mode (Soundfield Expansion) does what it says, and is similar to the 3D effect on my iFi Micro iDSD, but the BoomStick is less fatiguing with earphones that are a bit bright.  For me, the Boom mode is a bit too much for earphones that tend toward a V-shaped sound, but does well with models having lean or flat bass, including my Beyerdynamic DT-831 (250Ω) headphones.
EDIT:  Other than the fixed Bass boost being a bit much for my preferences, the only other annoyance is that the "BOOM Button" is very sensitive, and is raised slightly above the top surface, so it gets pressed very easily when the BoomStick is in a pocket with a phone.  I've been thinking about gluing an O-ring or some other 0.8" ID ring around the button, so that it is harder to press accidentally. 
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