Bookshelf speakers & Behringer UCA 202
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Feb 10, 2012
Hello Guys, 
I'm planning to buy a pair of Bookshelf speakers to use with my laptop, not decided yet but will be the Jamo S 602 or Athena AS B1. Anyway, the question that I was wondering is if my Behringer UCA 202 that I use as my headphones amp can power those speakers? If yes, which cables do I need ? And, If not, any recommendation to power them? 
Thank you in advance.
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No. A headphone amp cannot power passive bookshelf speakers. What you would need to do is run the left/right output from your UCA 202 to an amp. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to power them, check out the Lepai TA2020A+.
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Cel4145: Thanks for your reply.
So I would need a amp, any other recommendation not so much expensive (within 50-100 USD) but a superior than the Lepai ? Or those Lepai are just good enough?
Thanks again.
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One of my PC Audio set ups @ home features a Lepai TA2020 and 89dB Polks and coming to 2 years of super heavy 24/7 use they still sound awesome but if u wanted the set up to double up to serve a larger room the Topping TP22 is about $89
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If you check your local Craigslist, good chance you can find a used AVR in your price range that would give you more power and features than a t-amp. Or, I use an Indeed TA2021 t-amp in my desktop setup and another one in bedroom setup in my house. It has excellent SQ, better build quality than the Lepai, and a little more volume output.
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trog: Thank you, I will check that other one! 
cel4145: Thanks for your advice, but I'm in Uruguay and here used stuff is expensive (yeah, stupid but true). So my option is to buy online, something like the lepai or indeed or topping will work great. I will check them out and post when I have my setup completed. Thanks again!
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Then if you can swing it, definitely go for the Indeed or the Toppings. Just better made than the Lepai. Here's a review of the TA2021 that I though was pretty accurate:

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