Bob Mould- District Line?
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Sep 30, 2003
I picked this up Tuesday and have now listened about half a dozen times.

My initial impressions is that the album is all over the place with some good lyrics atop some bad music (the silence between us) and some interesting music that never seems to get anywhere (return to dust).

I'm a pretty big Mould fan, I have liked him since Husker DU through his solo work and with Sugar. I will admit to tending towards the harder stuff in his post Husker stuff, (Black Sheets of Rain, Sugars "Beaster") but i have also really liked some of his softer stuff too (workbook)

I hated "modulate" however even though it had some decent lyrics, the music sounded like Mould had just gotten a new mac and pro tools a week before. "Shelter me " is in that vein

So the short answer is that I want to like this and give it a shot but need some ideas as to how to look at this.

I'm wondering if anyone else has heard and has some thoughts?

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