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  1. Palpatine
    Anyone else on this site also a member of boardgamegeek?
    Over 400 games and counting...
  2. SoupRKnowva
    im not a huge board gamer, but i had a friend at tech school who was, so we played loads of board games on our breaks. Puerto Rico is probably my favorite. I own Race for the Galaxy, which is fairly similar
  3. Palpatine
    Both solid games that's for sure. There are tonnes of games out there like those ones, that are engaging, strategic, and full of theme and mechanics like you've never played before.
  4. Stitch
    I have been thinking of getting Tännhauser but i dont have the place to store stuff for more hobbies. The game still is tempting though...
  5. Homeless
    I have about 7 or 8 board games around the house. They're just the standards...Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, etc. My wife and I play Scrabble a few times a month...that's about it, the other haven't been used in ages.
  6. appophylite
    Battleship, Chess and Carrom are the only board games I really get a chance to play anymore.
  7. feh1325
    my friends and i like playing settlers of catan, bananagrams, scrabble, duopoly (monopoly with two boards)
  8. logwed
    Bananagrams is a blast.
  9. Palpatine
    Settlers is a great game, and a true euro-game.
    Not that there is anything wrong with scrabble or monopoly, but these are games that most people think of when I mention boardgames.
    That is, until I introduce them to the bigger world of board games.
    I can't stand inviting friends over just to sit around, drink coffee and talk. So we always play a game or two, and get our socializing done while we play.
    Some games are lite gateway type games ( Ticket to Ride ), more medium weight games ( like Settlers ) or heavy strategy games ( like Puerto Rico. )
    Fun stuff.
  10. SoupRKnowva
    I think the best part about puerto rico is that it is pretty strategy heavy, but it can easily be played in 45 minutes or so, which made it great for lunches.

    Battle Lore was also pretty sweet, played that a couple times. Mare Nostrum was also alot of fun.

    There were several others i wanted to try but we didnt have a chance in tech school like, Twilight Emperium and Through the Ages.

    Played acquire and didnt like it too much.
  11. Palpatine
    Twilight Imperium is a fantastic space empire game... more of an American style game than a euro, but with euro elements. Extremely fun, but lonnnng. A few hours to play a four player game. Mare Nostrum is awesome too, especially with the expansion.
    Battlelore is a neat command card fantasy war game. Through the ages is a civ game w/o a map board. Pretty interesting game too.
  12. SoupRKnowva
    Yeah thats why we never got around to playing twilight emperium, it was really long, and its also pretty expensive, like 70 bucks, but it looked really cool, but i remember reading that the endgame wasnt all that great, but there were several rules mods that made it better. See we didnt like some of the expansion elements to Mare Nostrum, felt some of the units were overly powerful. I think my favorite play through was when i played rome, which is the warrior state, with the bonuses to battle, and i didnt fight a single person, won by building the pyramids haha it was awesome, by controlling cities. And since i was rome no one was paying attention to how many products(or whatever they were called) i was getting each turn.
  13. Palpatine
    Oh yeah...we don't play with all the elements in the expansion. Basically the extra board, civ, and new tweaks to heroes and civ. abilities.
  14. Stitch
    I play Catan sometimes with friends. Not enough to get the hang of it and most of the times i lose but its still a nice game and great for some casual fun.


    Originally Posted by SoupRKnowva /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Battle Lore was also pretty sweet, played that a couple times.

    Thought about battlelore too, it looks great but storing over 250 items feels like bad idea. Too much prone to losing items.

    Does anyone have experience with Tännhauser? its till on my mind but im not sure. I love the semi-horror setting and the way the game seems to play.
  15. Hanafuda
    I've got a 70's vintage Uncle Wiggily ... does that count? [​IMG]



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