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Bluetooth transmitter for Sennheiser MM550

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jimmy6flats, Nov 24, 2011.
  1. jimmy6flats
    HI all,
    I have just bought a pair of MM550s and love using them with my iPhone.  Am I right in saying that I can buy a transmitter that can be plugged into any line out/headphone socket in order to connect these headphones? 
    I have looked at buying the Sennheiser BT300 but it seems to be out of stock in many places.  Does anyone have any experience of this - is it any good?  Or can I just buy another model and it will work with my MM550s?
    Grateful for any advice,
  2. jimmy6flats
    I should have said, I'm in the UK!
  3. Mondriaan
    hello I have a guitar that I connect to my computer with a digitech rp 355 and tascam us144 mkii (both USB connections) when I use the soundcard I have computer and guitar sound, but because I live in company with others, I would do this with bluetooth headphones but then I have only the computersound not the guitar anymore. That's why I wanted a bluetooth transmitter (Avantree Saturn) connected to the tascam (3.5 jack), but this is not a low latency, and therefore, the guitar delays (very annoying) and the device begins to crack over time with the computersound (also very annoying), I have contact now with the manufacturer and they want to send me the new Avantree Saturn Pro.This device works with two channels but one is supposedly low latency, and the other does not, so I do not expect much, I own a sennheiser 450x travel (great sound quality that stuff from sennheiser), i hope that you found some other choices.
  4. Pateo63
    Hi Did Avantree/avantalk send you the Saturn Pro if so whats the model number please, as i cannot find this on their website, they also promised to send me this as replacement (last month still awaiting delivery) for the former saturn BTTC-200X-BLK which i have but it will not connect to my AptX BT headphones. appreciate any help.  all the best Pateo63

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