Bluetooth Stereo Music Audio Receiver with SoundMagic E10 In-ear headphones.
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Jul 17, 2013
[size=small] Hi everyone!.[/size]
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[size=small] Finally, I bought the Soundmagic E10.[/size]
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[size=small] I use them riding a motorcyle, connected to a Galaxy phone (android)[/size]
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[size=small] So, I needed a bluetooth audio receiver to control the music (pause, play, volume up, down, etc.)[/size]
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[size=small] I bought a IKROSS Bluetooth Stereo Music Audio Receiver[/size]
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  1. Bluetooth Version 3.0
  2. Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, ARCP, HSP, HFP
  3. Bluetooth Frequency Range: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz

[size=small] But I really don't know if the sound quality are good or not compared to when I connect the soundmagic direct to phone..[/size]
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[size=small] Googling.. I found this ones: Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20[/size]
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[size=small] So the Question are:[/size]
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[size=small] Does a bluetooth device (any) worst the sound quality than a "direct to phone" connected headphone?[/size]
[size=small] Should this sony better than mi Ikross?[/size]
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[size=small] i'm in Uruguay (South America), here nobody sells the sony bluetooth, so I need to import from USA (lot of money :frowning2: ). So It's the are REALLY better, I will buy one. (cost me about 120 dollars). [/size]
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[size=small] thanks a lot!![/size]
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Giving that Bluetooth encodes audio in a lossy codec (due to low bandwidth), I don't think bluetooth headphones can be as good as wired ones. That doesn't eliminate situatios like very bad wired audio source or very bad wired headphones.
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Thanks a Lot Loft!.
I'm using Ikross Bluetooth because in my motorcycle, it's easier to change the song, pause etc..
Using directly from my phone it isn't possible :frowning2:
I continue searching for a good Bluetooth.
Thanks a lot!!

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