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Jul 25, 2019
I'm in the market for a pair of portable Bluetooth over-ear headphones. They'll mostly be used for commuting on public transit. My budget is about $600, and I would like them to be aptx HD compatible, but it's not a deal-breaker if they aren't. They'll need to be compatible with a 3.5mm jack since they'll also be doubling as my at-home pair for the time being. If the cans have ANC, an ambient mode or city mode is a must

Soundwise, I'm looking for headphones that give slight coloration to the bass and sub-bass frequencies while keeping them tight and controlled as to not mask the mids and highs. My ears can fatigue easily, so It's important that treble is controlled as well. I find that I enjoy wide, almost three-dimensional soundstages that feel expansive while having a certain amount of intimacy to them.

My musical tastes run the gamut -- I listen to everything from classical and movie scores, (ie. The Revenant score, Olafur Arnalds, Yiruma) to dub-step and drum and bass. (ie. Submotion Orchestra, Silkie, Joker) It's important that the headphones be able to handle it all reasonably well, although I'm well aware that compromises will have to be made.

I spent about two weeks with Focal's Listen Wireless headphones. The soundstage was amazing and I liked the passive noise canceling, but the treble was a bit too harsh on occasion, the low mids were almost nonexistent at times, and they were almost too big to fit in my bag. However, the biggest issue I had with them was their spotty Bluetooth connection. It was so bad I had to return them.

I spent countless hours with the famed ATH-M50x's mixing and producing music. Over time I came to love those cans and started using them for all of my listening sessions. I'm considering the Bluetooth version, but they don't have aptx HD, and I want to see what else is out there.

It seems like a lot of people love Sony's WH10000XM3 headphones, but I haven't met a pair of Sony headphones yet that didn't put too much emphasis on bass whether Sony called it out or not. There's apparently also an issue with the headband cracking and Sony refusing to repair it.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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