Bluetooth amps vs true wireless
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Jul 28, 2013
My Fiio btr1 unexpectedly died yesterday, which has got me searching for new options.

Top of my list are EarStudio’s ES100, and I’m gong to wait to hear about the btr3 (and 5 if they announce anything). However, it also made me wonder about true wireless options.

I’ve never tried any, so would appreciate comments - how does a bluetooth amp and wired IEM compare to something like Sony sp700n or Jabra 65t? For the next couple of weeks, the Sony option will only be marginally more expensive for me than the ES100, while I appreciate it’s typically about 80% more.

My setup was btr1 to UE900s, using a short cable, which I was pretty happy with for running (90% of its use) and occasional use for Netflix while travelling. At home I use a different setup.

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