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Bluesound Power Node Streamer / Speaker Amplifier [SOLD]

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  1. eugenius
    For Sale or Trade
    Gloss white Bluesound Power Node, original box, comes with all accessories, zero problems or blemishes, mostly unused for lack of matching speakers.
    Bluesound is the audiophile wireless multi-room streaming system, this plays music from USB drives, network shares and it keeps it's own database and index. You can add Bluetooth to it with a USB stick -  it doesn't include it as standard but I'll include a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for you.
    The Power Node includes a 50W NAD DDFA direct digital amplifier with extremely low distortion and residual noise levels (like the D7050, C390DD and M2). It can be integrated in a multi-room system with full size NAD components that have the Blu-OS expansion card.
    Details and reviews are many on the internet. What HiFi gives it 5 stars, many other people seem to like it as well. I recommend the Q Audio Concept 20 as matching speakers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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